I have big feet. When I say “big feet” I really, really mean that- as in, it’s been often impossible for me to find cute shoes since my feet hit their current size in 7 th grade. I remember my grandma taking me shoe shopping as a fashion-victim Jr-high student, and the only shoes in my size were the old-lady podiatry specials. When you’re 11, and you wear a size 11, the world is not a pretty place. It was not beneath me to shove my long feet into too-small shoes and hobble around in pain for months. There’s no counting the tears I have shed in shoe stores.

I thought I would surly die when I heard having a baby can make your feet grow– the wail of pain. Yes, they did grow a tiny bit post-baby #1, but mercifully not again with #2 or #3- at least not enough to push me over into the realm of “transvestite and cross-dresser” sizes…

Thankfully, things have gotten a bit better. There are now quite a few shoe makers that carry what they call “extended sizes”. So I’m still not normal, and not all shoes make it up to the ES bracket, but the choices are way better than they were 20+ years ago. Way better.

So look at what I found, on total SALE, in MY size today:


Presenting the Cutest Shoes I Have Ever Owned! I simply could NOT pass them up- in homage to the teary, misfit, self-conscious mid-adolescent girl I once was, I bought these wild, totally impractical, will not match anything, looks a little like Minnie Mouse, shoes that FIT ME!! AND I LOVE THEM!!

Note to the wise: Round-toed shoes make even water-skis like mine look acceptable in polite company. Darling, I tell you. I’m going to wear them with my Bee Girl outfit when I blog!

Footnote: Ha ha! I modeled them for DH when he got home tonight, and he was glad I was happy, but didn’t say much beyond a vapid stare- maybe the gray sweats and one of his white t-shirts kinda threw the outfit off? The Monkeys kept telling me how pretty I looked- A mama’s gotta love her boys! 

15 thoughts on “Sasquatch

  1. Those are cute. But I would fall over in a wedge like that. Which makes me sad, because I like them. But if you won’t fall over, more power to you!

    Plus, those will match anything. Black, white, brown, red, jeans, you name it.

  2. Bah, who cares if I can’t walk in them- THEY’RE CUTE!! Beside, in my Bee Girl outfit, sitting on my ball blogging, it really doesn’t matter!

  3. So cute!! I always had the opposite problem with shoes. Small feet. If I wanted to I could still buy tennis shoes with Pocahontas, Barbie, or Bratz on them. Especially not cool when I was trying to be more grown up in high school. I don’t think size 7 is terribly big, FWIW.

  4. Size seven is downright darling; the perfect foot. No, my dears, I wear and 11 1/2- and for what it’s worth, after 10, they stop making 1/2 sizes. So depending on the shoe, I either wear an 11, or, *sob* a 12. I guess they figure once your feet are that big, what’s the point of half sizes!?

    Another thing: Never in my life have I been able to walk into a shoe store and look around for what I LIKE- No, instead I find the shoe person, and ask them what they have in my size. Sometimes met with a blank stare, sometimes a giggle, usually a glance at my feet- and then a trip to the backroom, where they bring out 3 or 4 selections and I have to choose the least hideous.

    The possible exception is Nordstrom- they are classy and have many brands that go to ES- but with the classy sales people, you get the prices to match, and while that was OK during the carreer years- well, not so much now. It’s hard to justify $130 pair of shoes for the park, carpool or wearing a couple times a year to church or dinner….

  5. “….vapid stare”

    It’s just that there is nothing more I like better than to look at ladies

  6. On some level I can kind of relate, despite being of the other gender. When I was in 7th grade, my shoes were already the size they are today: a men’s 13.

    I’ve grown a lot in height since then. But my feet got there first. It was lousy. Much worse, I imagine, for a girl.

    Cute shoes, though.

  7. I love those shoes! They’re adorable. Those are the kind of shoes that you buy and then figure out what you’ll wear them with later.

    Totally off subject….I tried the pizza recipe and it was fabulous! I had to change a couple of things, but it was the best home made pizza I’ve ever made, that’s for sure. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. It’s amazing the difference there is between a size ten and size 11 in a shoe store. As a 10, I’m usually able to escape with my dignity intact, but I always cast a sorrowful glance over at the sorry section immediately following it. I hope you bought ten pairs of that shoe!

  9. I was a respectable size 9 until becoming pregnant. My feet have grown a half size with each pregnancy- that puts me at 10 1/2 and in the danger zone as far as cute shoes go! I’ve heard the higher your arches pre-pregnancy, the more likely they are to “grow” because it’s actually your arches falling a bit.

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