GOOD Morning, Sunshine!

Grrrr. Some mornings just shouldn’t happen. Wake up late, with a headache. (Why does this happen sometimes? Why on earth would a person wake, after a good night’s sleep, with a headache. Grrrr….)

Jeffrey forgot to do his homework- rush rushrushrush… do homework, ruffle through handouts I should have looked at last night. He needs $$ for a project at school- ruffle through change jar on DH’s dresser to pilfer proper cash…

Get dressed. GET DRESSED! NOW!

Wake baby up *sob*

In rush to get out the door, catch my pants on the door frame and tear pocket.  Get Abby and Jeff in car, go back inside to grab Beanie, and realize THE DOOR IS LOCKED.

Spend several minutes persuading Beanie it really IS a good idea to let mama in- grab him, self, purse, phone, KEYS and coat and head out the door.

Halfway to school, realize no one has had breakfast. Drive-thru, here we come! All I can think of is Supersize Me- and how atrocious a McMeal is for breakfast- is it really better than nothing? The Monkeys think so…

I can’t reach the Monkeys to give them their “food” from the drivers seat, so I have to pull over and brace myself on the ice and snow to go around, open the back door, and hand out the “food”- at which time Beanie, so excited for his potato crispy-thingamabob, inadvertently dumps his whole jug of milk out on the seat.

Back in the car and on our way. Yeehaw. Get Jeff there in the nick of time (barely) and head for Target. When? When Oh when, will I just give up hope on the Target thing? Long story short, there is a full cart of things I want and need somewhere in the middle of Target, left because Beanie thought hitting me and screaming “Don’t HURT ME, Mama!” was a good idea- even though I wasn’t touching him. Oh, I wanted to hurt him, believe it-!

So, dragging Kicking-Screaming-Boy directly to Jail, not passing GO, not collecting $200, we came home.

I’m going to go cry now.


16 thoughts on “GOOD Morning, Sunshine!

  1. Tracy, honey, you need to like, cleanse the chi at Target or something.

    When I wake up with a headache, the first thing I do is go for the caffeine. It’s a vasodilator (sp?) so it really helps me with my cluster and migraine headaches. Of course, if you do it every day, you get headaches FROM the caffeine, so a balance is needed. I just have a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper in my cupboard, and, depending on circumstances, lasts anywhere from a month to 6 months. (lately it’s been going faster, this January weather sucks. )

    And if I had time to go to McD’s in the morning before school, I would consider myself mother of the year. Clearly you didn’t wake up THAT late. I have granola bars and protein bars on hand for emergency mornings when cereal takes too much time. They can eat in the car, and they better eat fast! Hmm…..I better get to the store, I’m currently out of those.

    When I have mornings like this, I say I need to “re-boot the day”. This includes taking a nap, and starting over when I wake up, pretending the morning didn’t happen yet. Of course, as my kids are getting older, I can’t nap nearly as much as I’d like (or ever, really) but I like to mentally re-boot if I can.

  2. So I’m sorry I have to say this, but I went to school WAY to long not to. Caffeine works as a vasoconstrictor, and migraines are actually caused by vasodilation.

    Waking up with a headache sucks hard–isn’t sleep supposed to make everything better? A good Diet Coke is actually my drug of choice for a headache. It’s even better with a little lime in it. And some Motrin.

  3. Waking up with headaches after a good night’s sleep seems to be my specialty. Coke with Advil or Tylenol works for me. I just have to stay away from pure sugar late at night and first thing in the morning. My body has been doing this for 17 years now and I am finally learning what triggers it. Sometimes it is literally a bite of a banana and other times I need a chocolate bar ASAP.

    So sorry your morning was so hectic and chaotic. I hope you got a nap and were able to start over!

    (I am so tired of this snow and ice … not fun dropping kids off at school when the school is on a hill and your car is slipping and sliding as it is trying to make it part way up the slope!)

  4. Oh atrocious, I sob with you! Sometimes I swear 2 parents are not enough! You need at least one to go to work, one to stay home with kids, and one to get everything else done, clean house and run errands!

  5. That is awful. I have had too many days like that (including the milk on the seat) and I just count the seconds until the day is over. Also, I currently have the same issue w/ target. Jacob SCREACHES at the top of his lungs and says “no, no Mommy, OWIE” and the grabs the babies binkie or blanket and throws it away. Two crying kids for the price of one…. Grr. I have hired a babysitter once a week now so I can replenish the Target supplies withOUT him… and you know how bad it is when you think about how much a sitter costs in Palo Alto…

    The good news is that you have used your bad day karma and can start over tomorrow. Right?

    P.S. Glittermamma…. my dr. told me to drink a pepsi when I gelt a migraine coming on… and I noticed that Excederine Migrane is FULL of caffeine…. what could be the reason for the conflicting info? I am curious now….

  6. Well, according to my gastro doc, all the calcium in Tums actually helps to INCREASE stomach acid in the long run. So as to why meds would have caffeine if it made things worse…well, that sells a bunch more meds doesn’t it? On the other hand I have had docs say to drink caffeine for a headache, so who knows what the truth really is…..
    Thing 1’s word choice was always “I want my mommy!!” THAT made for some strange looks let me tell you.
    And the Wiz is right, you need a special smudge stick for Target or something, it’s just not working for you. Though it was fine that time we went without the kids…..

  7. Not to turn this into a caffeine thread, -Sorry, Tracy, I’m going to anyway – but I distinctly remember being taught that caffeine was a vasodilator – I thought Google (the almighty oracle) would help me, but the internet sites disagree with each other, although it seems to be leaning towards vasoconstrictor.

    It doesn’t matter that much, since glittersmama and I agree that caffeine combined with Motrin is a good cure for a “wake-up with” headache. My doc has told me that as well, and it has saved my life more than once, since I am prone to migraines.

    Actually, I found a paper at that says it acts as a vasodilator for coronary arteries, and as a vasodilator of peripheral blood vessels, but a vasoconstrictor of CNS (central nervous system) blood vessels, and it increases synaptic transmission. It’s also a bronchial dilator. I don’t fully understand what all that means, but it seems to me that it acts as both! That may be why nobody on the internet can agree. It’s an extremely technical article, so I can’t really understand it, but if you want the link, I can put it up.

  8. I hope you went home, took some Tylenol, put everyone down for a nap (including YOU) and woke up a little better! Wouldn’t that be nice, eh? LOL!

    Don’t you just love how kids say the perfect things in the most perfect places? Here’s to hoping that your next trip to Target is a beautiful one! 🙂 There is a next trip, right?

  9. I’m feeling a bit sheepish about commenting about something that probably nobody cares about, but I read some brainbusting stuff (especially after midnight :)) and apparently caffeine works both ways. I was only speaking to what I am familiar with–using it for headaches.

    Oh, and watch that tricky Excedrin company…last time I checked Excedrin and Excedrin Migraine were EXACTLY the same stuff, and they were charging a whole lot more for a whole lot less of the Migraine product.

    Sorry about the obnoxious and boring comment. I’m new to this stay at home mom thing, and I feel like my brain is rotting.

    I think I’ll go have a Diet Coke.

  10. thanks for all the info, one and all.

    Welcome, glittersmama- staying at home can make your brain feel like oatmeal- that’s why we BLOG! Comment anytime you like.

    I have found that a Coke and an Excedrin will usually do the trick on a headache- and I don’t get them all that much anymore, so I don’t think I have any immunity to the caffeine.

    As far as dilation or constriction- way above my head ladies- as long as it works, I’m happy!

    And no, the day really didn’t get any better, and I never got a nap. But my babies are all in bed asleep, DH is watching Law & Order, and I’m taking a break from folding the worlds largest laundry pile!

  11. I really hope you didn’t think I was fighting with you, glittersmama, I was junt fascinated by your comment, since I had always learned differently, but I am not immune to being wrong. That’s why I asked Google. Because if you can’t trust the internet…who can you trust? I didn’t think you were obnoxious at all, I hope you didn’t think I was. 8)

    Are you a doctor or a nurse or a phramacist or something? Because you said you went to too much school to not comment. Just curious what kind of schooling that was.

    I was asking everybody all day if caffeine was a vasodilator or vasoconstrictor. It was kind of funny, not the least of which was how I couldn’t let it go.

    Seriously, as long as it fixes my headache, I’m good.

    Also, Excedrin Migraine and regular Excedrin are the same stuff, I’ve heard that as well. I’ve also heard that Excedrin Tension Headache is the same stuff, too, they just like to rename the same medicine, and then charge more. Read your labels, people, especially on medications!

  12. HOw can they DO that?? That seems totally fraudulent- to have the exact same meds in two (or three) different bottles, name it differently, by the same company, and charge more??? What the…!

    And I just looked at my Excedrine bottles- they are in fact the same. Bogus!

  13. No, I didn’t think you were fighting at all, and I absolutely didn’t think that you were obnoxious. I’ve learned pretty well these last few married years how to eat my words and admit wholeheartedly when I’m wrong. As long as no one gets hurt, it’s almost like a “pull my foot out of my mouth free” card. 🙂

    I am a pharmacist, now working full time for my three month old. I should have been smart and gotten in with a drug company that is “genius” enough to market the same product under multiple names. I guess I missed the boat on that one.

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