Two Commercials

Rave: Have you seen the Citibank commercial where the outdoors-ey guys are mountain biking but one dude doesn’t have bike? And he pretends to pedal down the mountain and totally eats it? Ok, I laugh out loud at the commercial, I think because it reminds me of my brothers- they would totally do that. But here is the totally funny part- the boys saw that commercial, and now they RIDE their IMAGINARY bikes all over the house! I can’t stop laughing!

Rant: Who in their right mind thought it was CUTE to make scissors walk all over the freakin’ place, chomping and nibbling and being flippin’ SCARY, as they eat your old credit cards? OH how cute, look little Suzy, cute scissors- put your fingers close and lets laugh as the 100’s of POINT-UP scissors dance around the roadway! Holy crapsticks, it gives me the heebies just thinking about them…

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Two Commercials

  1. You crack my up! How cute are your boys riding imaginary bikes?

    I always thought that was a dumb commercial (because, hello who can’t cut up their own credit card?), but I never thought about the scissors that way. They are kind of freaky when you think about kids running around . . .

  2. Michelle- Yes! I think that’s part of why I findit so funny- it’s absurd!

    TM- glad to see you out and about again- how’re the girls doing?

    Susan- do you remember the commercial a while back where some insect control company had fake commercials, then had an on-screen roach crawl accross your screen?? I hated those- totally gleeted me out. Spiders aren’t my favorite, but I can handle them better than roachers. Ugh!

  3. The scissors commercial freaks me out too. I know when I’m 80 I’ll develop some irrational fear of shears and will have to spend months and months at the psychiatrist to dig up the memory of that commercial and heal me.

  4. I can’t handle the Allstate commercials where they freak you out with those car accidents. I swear somebody’s going to have a heart attack from being freaked out from the commercial (and then sue)….. When I sense one is coming I have to leave the room – I’ve been in too many car accidents and I’m too anxious a person to HANDLE IT.

  5. Yeah, I can hardly wait to hear the news stories about kids and riding in dryers. The Maytag commercial on now showing all the clowns crawling out of the dryer will be the inspiration.

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