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Ok, here are a couple of my quilt designs. What I do is work with a fabric manufacturer, take fabric that will be coming out, and create a quilt using my own drawings, from scratch, using the new line of fabric. It’s fun because I get my fabric for free, it’s all new stuff that isn’t in stores yet, and I own the copyright on all my patterns. Then, I write a pattern for the quilt, and they are for sale in retain quilt stores in different parts of the country. It’s fun, and I can do it from home with kids being maniacs all around me. I have 24 designs currently available, and four more currently in the hopper.  

The flag says: “And this land shall be a Land of Liberty”. The bunny one is a poem, embroidered on organic flax linen about babies going to sleep. The red heart quilt says “Love is Spoken Here” and in each heart a word about my kids, and the bottom right quilt, the four animals are looking at a little beaded caterpillar crawling on the flower…. whose going to eat him first?!

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  1. That is so incredibly awesome, Tracy! I like them all, but LOVE the flag one…any idea what stores around me (Utah) would carry that?

  2. I love them all. You’re so talented. I was going to ask if they’re available in Utah too. I bet when they are here, you’ll do really well! Those are much cuter than some of the quilts I’ve seen at the quilt shop I go to. How much are your patterns, just out of curiosity?

  3. I swear you get cooler every day.
    Very impressed…. and I say that having had high expectations after zooming in on the photos of your kids’ Christmas stockings… so it’s really quite the compliment.

  4. Oh my goodness. Those are so amazing! My favorite–and probably the cutest quilt design ever–is the caterpillar one! The whimsy just speaks to me.

  5. Love them Trace! When I have a little one I want to make then the caterpillar one…and I love the “Love is Spoken Here” one. They are so Tracy…
    Love, Chels

  6. You’re amazing. I like to quilt occasionally but they’re nothing but the most primitive pieced designs. I’ve never done applique work or intricate piecing. Those are works of art.

    You’d get along with a woman in our ward who quilts and has won prizes at the state fair. Hers too are amazing.

  7. Very beautiful. I’m impressed that you hand quilt them, I like that so much better. When I see these lovely quilts that have some weird pattern sewn over them, I think “WHY”

    I am extraordinarly odd, I know. Most people love that look.

    I am currently working on a pattern I bought online from Norway. It’s called Electric something, and looks like a stained glass peice. I love the fabric.

    These are really neat. I too would be interested in your new web site. Go Wiz’s Husband!

    I agree with Chronicler. Talent is just neat. Think of how dreary our world would be with out people to splash our lives with color.

    Really cool.

  8. Oh, they toally are not for sleeping… they’re small, artsy wall quilts… the only one that’s actually possibly for using is the animals looking at the caterpillar- it’s crib-size, but most people hang it on the wall anyway. For whatever reason, that particular quilt has done really well in Australia!

    The flag quilt is about 18″ x 40″, and the bunny one is actually quite small- maybe 18 x 24… not bed-size, by any means!

  9. I haven’t been around for awhile, but I have to say I am very impressed! I knew you were talented but I think this takes the cake!

    As for why I haven’t been around it is as simple as my computer sits in a very cold room so in the winter, it is unbearable to do much more than check my email. So here is to warm feet and warm fingers. HUMMMM, maybe I need to learn to quilt. 🙂

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