Tummy Troubles

Climbing towards the light, I try and surface from the sea of laundry brought on by the stomach bug in a house full of kids…. can’t make it… can’t make it….

Someone will barf or have a butt-explosion in the two minutes this post will take… Rest assured. The washing machine has been brought to it’s knees, bath towels are blankets now, and clothing seems a waste of time…

Wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

12 thoughts on “Tummy Troubles

  1. Thanks for the head’s up on the PB, Heather. Abby is too little to have had any peanut butter, and since we don’t buy those brands, we’re in the clear- but the barfies sure do suck, anyway!

  2. So it’s a good thing I didn’t bring the boys over for babysitting right? I guess I’ll just look at that $30 for the babysitter as germ extortion. “Give us the money and nobody gets sick!”
    But you were going to be my excuse for a big fatty burrito, boo hoo. Oh yeah, and I hope you guys feel better soon too 😉

  3. The stomach bug is the worst way to have babies sick, no matter what they’re age. Not only is it disgusting, the laundry doesn’t stop until the puking does, and the kids are just miserable and, well sometimes, hungry.

    Hope your all feeling better soon!

  4. My girls have had the stomach bug too. Since Wednesday for my 18th month old and Saturday for my 3 year old. I see the light though. They’re acting normal today and wanted regular foods, plus no barf yet today.

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