Four Elders tonight for dinner, all seated and eating away in my dining room. Cut to me, on the floor in the bathroom with a gigantic container of Clorox wipes, trying to scrub the barf from the wall next to the toilet. Jeffrey has Abby’s bug. Bless his heart, he really tried to make it. He missed.

 We had tacos for dinner.


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  1. Okay, stumbled upon your blog. I had elders over for dinner tonight as well. No throw-up insued.
    It seems everyone in the blogosphere has puking kids. I’m scared.
    I recently moved to Washington from Cali and I’m missing it like crazy. Let’s commizerate some more together!

  2. Oh bless!

    And only 19 year old males would just ignore the fact that you were dealing with puking children eh? LOL If it was your 2 VTers round for dinner, they would have been helping you.

    🙂 What can you do eh?

  3. Can’t believe you still fed the Elders… you are a saint. I would have met them at the door with a frozen pizza or two and a bottle of root beer and sent them on their way!! I hope everyone is doing better today

  4. Met them with a frozen pizza? No way. I would have held their food hostage and said, “If you want to eat, you’ve got to clean.”

    It would give them something to write home about. And feel good about. You know, after they washed their hands and stuff.

  5. Oh how I love the Chronicles of the Redheaded Terrorists! Don’t worry, Tracy, I haven’t the heart to Snark this.

  6. Heather – too funny! That is a good thought.

    Our last experience with the Elders was an odd one… the one Elder was very nice and sweet. The other kept muttering under his breath saying “awkward”. And then some odd comment about how both of Weird Al Yankovich’s parents died at the same time. At one point he quickly stood up and went to the bathroom. Which I don’t mind, but he didn’t excuse himself or even ask… just wandered around till he found it, I guess…. At one point he took his name tag off tossed it on the table and said he quit. He was going home. He was joking, I think, but his comp very calmly said “Put it back on – NOW”. So strange…

  7. Wish I was there to take the elders off your hands. Or off your hands and knees as the case may be.

    And I just read mejojac’s comment. That is WEIRD in caps. We had one that was obsessed with our bird and wouldn’t leave him alone–baiting him and talking to him very oddly–but he was actually just a two-week local missionary who couldn’t fill a full-time thing. For obvious reasons.

    That story beats my experience though, hands down.

  8. There were only 6 kids in Thing 1’s class today because everyone else was sick! And work has been running half staff for about a week because it’s making it’s rounds there….Not a good time to live in our area, that’s for sure.
    What does this mean for your trip?!

    (And I think that if one more puke story throws up, er, shows up, it’s totally snark-worthy)

  9. Sounds strangely similar to our last experience feeding the elders except one of them ended up sick in the bathroom for 20 minutes during dinner. We have a small enough apartment that it was pretty uncomfortable for the rest of us sitting at the table trying to eat dinner. I don’t know why I didn’t have th presence of mind to turn on some music or something to drown him out.

    Feeding the missionaries is a true act of service – something always seems to go wrong. I’m sorry you had to spend the evening with puke all over yourself!

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