Oh $#%*!

6:45 this morning:

“Mama! Mama! Mammmmaaaaaaa! I pooped the bed…!” followed by my three year old crying hysterically.

You can guess the rest of the day. Yes, I am living a train-wreck. Watch and be amazed (appalled? fascinated? horrified? dumbfounded? mildly disinterested? whatever.).

Tomorrow was supposed to be the trip away for the weekend…

*sobbing* (really)

21 thoughts on “Oh $#%*!

  1. I’m sorry you can’t go on your trip Tracy…hope the kids feel better soon and you get a break from constant poop patrol. Love, Chels

  2. You’re not going??!!??! Why not? You hubby can’t handle sick kids, or were you getting a babysitter that can’t handle them when they’re sick, or why not??

  3. Can I really leave for the first time EVER with three sick kids? I’m torn up about this… I WANT TO GO SO BAD IT HURTS- but it just feels like everything is stacked against me…

    advice from the ether welcome…

  4. Tracey…MAN!!!

    GO!! If the kids were sick and your husband had a trip he would go, right? Not because of a macho thing, but he would be leaving them in the hands of a capeable parent. Sure it will be hard, but he is capeable and this is a baptism by fire.

    I know it isn’t ideal, but our husbands don’t need to handled with kid gloves. They can clean up poop and puke as well as we can (it’s not like you have to be qualified for it). Will it be hard? Yes. Will he be frustrated and annoyed some of the time? Sure, but that is how YOU would be.

    YOu need this break. You need to restore you sense of self and of harmony. It will help you be a better mom when you come back. You can tackle the poop and puke with a renewed sprit and good humor instead of the the gaping black hole in your soul that I am sure you are feeling now.

    I just got back from a night at the hospital w/ N and I feel like a new woman. You need to go.

  5. Kids want their mommy when they’re sick, though. It’s not that easy to leave them with Dad. When were you supposed to leave? Maybe he’ll be feeling better by then.

  6. Oh I absolutely AB-so-LUUUUUUTE-ly agree with Bek. Your husband is their parent too! And (for the record) my girl is happy wither either Mummy or Daddy when she’s sick (because we’ve always done an equal share in the looking-after thing).

    Go. And have fun when you’re gone dammit!

  7. First of all…. I think you should go! You need a break!!!

    Second…I saw a thing in Family Fun one time where they made this little bag for each kids to have while Mom and Dad were on vacation. It was filled with little notes and special treats from Mom and Dad. Maybe if things got bad for your hubby, he could pull out the bags from Mom for a little pick me up? Maybe even a new video to watch while they are not feeling well?? Don’t know if you have time to do it… but it’s a thought.

  8. Um, I was supposed to leave at noon. Yeah….

    Thanks for the encouragement, and I totally know my husband can hack it. It wouldn’t be pretty- but he could do it. It’s just that I have NEVER left before- EVER- and it feels like when they are all sick is the wrong time to give it a try and have a successful enough event for all that I might be able to do it again.

    Couple that with the 9″ of snow we got yesterday on the passes and, well, I’m bummed and sad and pretty grumpy, but I think staying (this time) was the right choice.

    ( I’m still mildly entertaining the idea of driving to Seattle tomorrow morning… but we’ll see)

  9. 🙂 You did what you felt was best for everyone and that is all that matters. 🙂 No you can look forward to doing it again some time…

  10. I really wanted you to come back and tell me what the grown up outside world is like…..
    But with the weather like it is, it really was safer for you to stay. I passed 3 accidents just on our road, so I cancelled my plans too. Not that roller skating is quite as exciting, but….
    If I could’ve bought you a plane ticket I would’ve, fwiw.

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