We’re Not Even to “Moving” Yet…

A vacant, preoccupied stare has become my normal face. As I walk around my house, I have a constant mental tally going of what to do. The list grows and divides like cells splitting, branching off into the “Go to Home Depot”, “Pack for Storage”, “We Will/Won’t Need That”, and “That’ll Work for Staging” departments. Branches are subject to split and multiply at any time, and I seem incapable of carrying on a conversation, since my brain is always “listing” my next to-do.

T-minus two weeks until MLS Listing…

So far, here is an abbreviated list of what we have to do:

  • Pack the whole house, leaving only the nicest, barest furnishings for staging.
  • Paint the living room, hallway and touch up the bedrooms. Paint the laundry room, and touch up the kitchen.
  • Drapes: do I leave them or do they stay? Aaagh.
  • Pack the closets, kitchen, bathroom, and food storage. Food storage… ugh. Good idea, bad moving fun.
  • Mooch around friends and see if I can get a couple of good table lamps and maybe some end-tables.
  • Wash all the windows, inside and out.
  • Repair a few cracks from snow and ice on our front walk.
  • Curb appeal the front step and entry- paint, flowers in pots.
  • New baseboards in the downstairs bathroom.
  • Replace the little sprayer thingy on the kitchen sink; the kids broke it.
  • Go through all the gazillion toys and figure out what to donate, what to pack, and what to 86.
  • Pack office, sewing room and guest room, swapping out queen bed from guest room to master bedroom, and putting our king bed in storage, all in an attempt to make our rooms look larger.
  • Fix downspout on back of house that came loose.
  • Empty garage. Ugh.
  • Find a home for the two+ cords of wood we bought this winter, all nicely stacked beside the garage. Anyone need wood? Aged and split. You haul.
  • Get pretty new fancy towels for the bathrooms and threaten kids’ lives if they wipe peanut-butter hands on them. Or even breathe on them.
  • Get new handle for the storm door. Old one broke. Yay.
  • Shampoo downstairs carpets.
  • Trim trees, shrubs and plant new flowers in the beds, along with some beauty bark.
  • With a toothbrush, bleach and a magnifying glass, clean the entire house, not forgetting the oven, dishwasher, every inch of both bathrooms, fridge, and toilets.
  • Oh, and someone said I’m supposed to bake cookies to make the house smell good. Yeah. Sure. That’s gonna happen.

Feel free to torment me and add anything you think I may have forgotten. Rest assured, this list has already split and multiplied in my head, much like bad mutant DNA.

Uh, it may be a few days again before I check in.  *Holy crap*

She Lives!

All day my eyes have been bothering me. Blurry. Warp-y. Crooked… I took my contacts out and cleaned them, and still, I was whonk-eyed. Taking Jeffrey to school, the signs were blurry, but since my lenses were new, and I had also just cleaned them, I jumped to the only logical conclusion: Brain tumor.

When I got home from my crooked, dizzy errands, I swaped my lenses for my glasses, and things seemed much clearer. Whew. No brain tumor after all.

Turns out I had my lenses in the wrong eye. 

So what’s been going on with you?

My memory seems to have gone the way of the snow, and I doubt I even have any readers anymore- and I can’t even remember what I’ve done with all the time I took away from writing. I think knitting was in there somewhere, and I know I made a quilt, but it’s not completely done yet. I played a lot with my kids, which is a trend I think I’ll continue- even though I’ve never been much of a “floor mom”- not that I don’t like sitting on the floor or anything, I’m just not a micro-manager.

We had some family birthdays, (which I lagged on big time), a parent-teacher conference and trip to Target or two- yes, it was as bad as you’re thinking. Do you know how awesome the public library is? I know that, but it always seems I forget, then I go on a library bender, and remember how much I love it. Anyway…

Go read “The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood” by the infamous and spectacular Dr. Sears, right now! It will change the way you feed your babies forever. We are now officially and completely off junk-food of any kind, and the bambinos have been surprisingly receptive. They even tried such strange and exotic fare as salmon and asparagus, once I explained about food dye and strong muscles and how our hearts work. Not trying to terrify them or anything, but it’s totally working.

Beanies favorite thing now is grinding his own peanut butter- it makes him really happy.

I discovered a super fun recipe for making your own pita bread, and the kids LOVE the science of the bread puffing up and, well, kneading dough is always a favorite pass-time in our hovel.

Speaking of hovels, did I mention our house goes on the market in less than three weeks? Ok, it’s far from a hovel. Actually it’s a fine, wonderful, homey, updated, newly carpeted cedar-sided ranch with five beds and recently remodeled kitchen and bath … are you interested? Yeah? Yeah? So packing I a-go. And packing. And packing. Maybe a little panicking in there, too, eh?

I can’t talk about the new house yet, because I don’t want to touch the bubble and pop it. You understand. When the deal is done, then I’ll dish. But I’ll just say one thing: Porch. Uh huh. That’s right.

So, I’ll be around again. Moving and getting the house ready to show and be on the market is my new all-consuming pet-project. Keeping the house clean and ready to show at a moments notice for the next month ought to be a barrel of fun. Or maybe just a barrel of Monkeys… wish us luck! 


Going on over 450 posts in just over a year and a half, it’s time for me to take a little break. Writing has been almost unilaterally good for me- it’s helped me in ways I can’t even begin to articulate, and I love me some words, so that’s saying something!

I’m gonna knit me some socks, make a couple of quilts, do a bunch of yardwork and file our taxes… Maybe do a jigsaw puzzle or three with the kids, bake some bread and spend some time with my thoughts. No doubt, when I come back I will have plenty to say and an effluence of words, but for now, I need a technology break for a few.

The Dentist

How much do you think it would cost, and whose palms would I have to grease, to get a direct line of Nitrous Oxide run into my house? I want it to just come out the central heating vents, in such a concentration that we are all just a little lighter, just a little giddier, just a little easier. Really. How much, and who would do it?

Jeffrey went to the dentist today for his first cavity.

What had the potential to be a nightmare, ended up being a sweet, giggly, happy, painless experience with no side effects. It took a while to convince him to put the mask on, but the “creamsicle” scent the nurse promised helped, as did the fact he chose “glitter” for his filling color. Yes, they have a rainbow of resin colors to choose from, and who wants plain old white teeth, when you can have “raspberry” or “ocean” or in my son’s case, “glitter”?

It took 20 minutes to convince him to put the mask on, and while I wanted to wrestle him down, the dentist, smart, patient, grandfatherly man he is, suggested that might not be so wise.  20 minutes of cajoling. 30 seconds of gas until my dour, nervous, strong-willed boy turned into malleable, giggling, silly, happy, relaxed beam of sunlight.

He relaxed in the chair, he smiled at everyone, he giggled and told me he was floating, he chatted with the nurse and giggled some more. He opened wide, and let the dentist drill and fill his teeth, never so much as batting an eye or flinching a finger. No Novocaine, no shot, nothing but happy, laughing gas.

And now he has a “glitter” filling to go with the giant alarm clock he wears on a rope around his neck… oh, wait, that’s someone else. The glitter goes well with his freckles and wild red hair, I must admit.

SO where do I get a mainline of this n.o. to my house?

The Neverending Story

….aaaaaaand I’m doing stomach-flu laundry again. *sigh*

This time, it’s for my dear husband; we were at the ER last night until 2:30. Going on four hours of sleep, lookin’ good, feelin’ fantastic. Wanna buy a bridge?

It the interests of (such as it is) privacy, I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say, it’s never a good night to watch your dearly beloved turn grey and pass out on the bathroom floor. Good times.

I may have a nervous breakdown at the end of this winter, but hey, only 16 more days to hang by my ever-wearing thread! Yay.

Fun Stuff

Michelle at Scribbit has had the most fabulous idea- she has, in cooperation with Google, created a search engine of JUST mommy blogs. What that means is, if you want to look up some mothering topic, type it in just like regular google, but it will only search about 1500 mommy blogs. Check it out- it has the potential to be a wonderfully useful resource. Yay Michelle!

In other, equally fabulous news, Bek is guest blogging at Design Mom– if you’ve never hit Design Mom, do so right now! She has the best ideas, updated daily!

Lipcolor: A Public Service Announcement

lipstick1.jpgOK,  public service announcement here. I wish I had known about this years ago, and I’m gonna do y’all the service of telling you about the best cosmetic in the whole world.  Seriously, I’m not a real make-up doll, but this stuff Rocks. Kiss your baby, kiss your hubby, eat some pizza, brush your teeth, untie a knot in a shoelace, whatever, this stuff is not going anywhere…. Really, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not tried it.

It’s MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor. (scroll down on the link)

Oh, I know, long-wear stuff, a la Revlon, is gross. It’s cakey and dries out your skin and leaves you looking like a corn-husk doll. Nu-uh. Not this stuff. It’s positively the very best make up I have ever owned. Put it on in the morning,  forget about it- six, seven, eight hours later, when you finally look in the mirror again, there it is, your perfect, plump, beautifully colored mouth. Looking lovely, not dried out at all. Fabulous.

It comes in over 40 shades, with three different glosses to be put over the top- so if you like the wet, gloppy vinyl look, it can be yours, too. Or, like me, you can just stick with a nice neutral color that keeps me from being washed out mama-chic. It is a tad on the pricey side at $20, but that includes a tube of fabulous gloss, and you really only apply it once, so it will last a looooong time. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Signs of Spring…

Growing up in California, spring sprang towards the end of January- but then, when you never really have winter, and your camellia and hydrangea bushes bloom all winter, what’s to notice? Not such a problem here in the northwest. Not really at all.

 Yesterday, my boys broke out the baseball and the tee, and coerced their dad into playing a little ball after work… there is still snow on the ground in our backyard, but they were playing baseball. Pitchers and catchers have reported, after all.

Grass goes dormant, like the trees. I never knew that was possible- coming as I do from the land of eternal summer- so when the first tinges of green can be seen in my lawn, it’s cause for a celebration. Hurrying outside, I examine the branches on the fruit and maple trees for telltale swelling and push aside the mulch on the flower beds hoping for a crocus head or possibly two.

Soon…. oh so soon.

Oh, and happy birthday, Mr. Theodor S. Geisel – better known to you and me as Dr. Seuss! Go to the library and check out a book that will leave you rhyming all day! (Any guesses what the “S” stood for? No googling!)

Instant Happiness

I seem to have stumbled upon the key to my children’s eternal happiness, merriment and joy- Frank Sinatra.

Seriously. Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits is like a big ol’ bowl full of instant joy. The kids ask me to put on the “happy dancing music” and the gleefully and with abandon dance around the house, giggling, twirling and overflowing with silver joy bubbles.

This does not happen with Rafi. This does not happen with Laurie Berkner. This does not even happen with The Grateful Dead, the happiest music I know. This is a phenomena unique to the Crooner himself.

Give it a try- if we’re having a cross afternoon, if there are more cases of grumpiness than I can chase down, I put on old Blue Eyes, and the entire mood of the house changes. It’s spectacular.