Instant Happiness

I seem to have stumbled upon the key to my children’s eternal happiness, merriment and joy- Frank Sinatra.

Seriously. Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits is like a big ol’ bowl full of instant joy. The kids ask me to put on the “happy dancing music” and the gleefully and with abandon dance around the house, giggling, twirling and overflowing with silver joy bubbles.

This does not happen with Rafi. This does not happen with Laurie Berkner. This does not even happen with The Grateful Dead, the happiest music I know. This is a phenomena unique to the Crooner himself.

Give it a try- if we’re having a cross afternoon, if there are more cases of grumpiness than I can chase down, I put on old Blue Eyes, and the entire mood of the house changes. It’s spectacular.

10 thoughts on “Instant Happiness

  1. LOL @ Tom Jones… We love BNL over here, but yeah, I can imagine Frank being pretty fun too. “Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away….”

  2. Oh, sounds great! Lately our kids have been loving Brazilian music (Banda Eva is a fav if you are familiar). You can’t get much happier dance music than that!

  3. We love Brazilian music, too. We have Putomayo and the requisite Girl from Immpanema… and No Doubt is definately happy music, too.

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