Signs of Spring…

Growing up in California, spring sprang towards the end of January- but then, when you never really have winter, and your camellia and hydrangea bushes bloom all winter, what’s to notice? Not such a problem here in the northwest. Not really at all.

 Yesterday, my boys broke out the baseball and the tee, and coerced their dad into playing a little ball after work… there is still snow on the ground in our backyard, but they were playing baseball. Pitchers and catchers have reported, after all.

Grass goes dormant, like the trees. I never knew that was possible- coming as I do from the land of eternal summer- so when the first tinges of green can be seen in my lawn, it’s cause for a celebration. Hurrying outside, I examine the branches on the fruit and maple trees for telltale swelling and push aside the mulch on the flower beds hoping for a crocus head or possibly two.

Soon…. oh so soon.

Oh, and happy birthday, Mr. Theodor S. Geisel – better known to you and me as Dr. Seuss! Go to the library and check out a book that will leave you rhyming all day! (Any guesses what the “S” stood for? No googling!)

7 thoughts on “Signs of Spring…

  1. Happy Birthday indeed! I went to an art gallery in Laguna Beach a few years ago that was only his stuff – his “adult” art and have had a totally different view of the man ever since. Don’t get me wrong – I still love the man, but I have a feeling the S stands for “sleazy.” But sleazy works for some people who obviously have so many other redeeming virtues 🙂

    Have fun discovering life up there! I vaguely remember that spring can be exciting!

  2. Lots of our neighbor kids were outside playing yesterday too! I so wanted Sir O and I to join them, but the horrid head cold inhabiting the miniature head made it a bad idea. I AM spring-fever-ing like mad though.

  3. We’re celebrating making it to the first of March. The word “March” just makes me come alive. Even with snow on the ground (or in six inches of mud, in my case).

  4. S stands for Seussel. No googling. I think that’s right.

    And Mrchis way too early for spring around here. I’m jealous. We still have tons of snow and coldness.

  5. Yeah, but you’re very close! And you’re moving to the land of eternal July, so you will never worry about snow again! (said in my best Scarlett O”Hara voice!)

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