Lipcolor: A Public Service Announcement

lipstick1.jpgOK,  public service announcement here. I wish I had known about this years ago, and I’m gonna do y’all the service of telling you about the best cosmetic in the whole world.  Seriously, I’m not a real make-up doll, but this stuff Rocks. Kiss your baby, kiss your hubby, eat some pizza, brush your teeth, untie a knot in a shoelace, whatever, this stuff is not going anywhere…. Really, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not tried it.

It’s MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor. (scroll down on the link)

Oh, I know, long-wear stuff, a la Revlon, is gross. It’s cakey and dries out your skin and leaves you looking like a corn-husk doll. Nu-uh. Not this stuff. It’s positively the very best make up I have ever owned. Put it on in the morning,  forget about it- six, seven, eight hours later, when you finally look in the mirror again, there it is, your perfect, plump, beautifully colored mouth. Looking lovely, not dried out at all. Fabulous.

It comes in over 40 shades, with three different glosses to be put over the top- so if you like the wet, gloppy vinyl look, it can be yours, too. Or, like me, you can just stick with a nice neutral color that keeps me from being washed out mama-chic. It is a tad on the pricey side at $20, but that includes a tube of fabulous gloss, and you really only apply it once, so it will last a looooong time. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

16 thoughts on “Lipcolor: A Public Service Announcement

  1. Hang on. I’m lying on the floor unconscious over the thought of a $20 lipstick.

    Ok. I’m back. I guess if it lasts that long, it would be worth it. But I ALWAYS forget lipstick. I usually just do chapstick to keep my lips from totally fading into oblivion. Maybe I should try it?

  2. I need lipstick or I look totally washed out. White skin, blond hair–I’m a darn albino when it comes down to it.

    $20 is expensive, but good products are worth it. If only I can keep Lillian from rolling it up and squashing the tip into the cap now.

  3. I know, I know. $20 is a lot. I think MAC has a return policy, and you can try any color on and wear it before you buy- that’s how I got talked into it- and I’m glad I did.

    I usually am a chapstick kinda mom too… but I sure do feel better about myself when I have a little color on my face- and this is perfect because it lasts so darn long- no touch ups needed after your morning routine.

    Michelle- it’s actually a liquid you put on with a brush thingy, so Lillian wouldn’t have a tube to squish- but the “paintbrush” effect might be tempting too!

    Seriously, go to the MAC counter or store at your Macys or Nordstroms and try it on, then go eat lunch and do some shopping- you’ll be amazed!

    And like I said, I’m not usually make up girl, so for me to rave like this…

  4. I adore lipstick and LOVE this stuff (but had kind of forgotten about it…so thanks for the prompt).

    MAK has a color of lipstick that is called TWIG. It looks great on everyone. Just pink enough to be nice, but nice brown tones to compliment all complexions…

  5. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am a child of the mid fifties, which means I was a teen in the late 60s and early 70s. What era was that? The natural girl. I never wore make-up and still only do on rare occasions. Why, you ask? because I don’t know what to do with it. it isn’t a habit, and I’m all self conscious when I go to a make-up counter. sort of babbling like I am now and ugh don’t know the right questions to ask and all that. Lipstick is my worst nightmare. I tried explaining my needs once in nordstrom about your very post, I want a bit of color, that will last but not shiny too over the top wet looking and all, the girl looked at me like I was crazy. needless to say I have been frustrated. Now i am on my way to the mac counter. I don’t care if it’s $20! Well, except that I shoul dbe sending you the $$ instead.

  6. I read this yesterday, when warm weather and the smell of spring sent me into a bit of a feel-good frenzy. My first haircut since November, followed by an impulse pedicure (hot pink — and I’m a redhead!). And then this post. Needless to say, I have a gift package coming in the mail:

    (To: Me
    From: Your Better, Cuter Self)

  7. Um, looks like I’m logged in as my blog persona. Around here, I’m usually known as Deborah.

  8. Mo- I shoulda totally given you props in the post- sorry! For the record, Mo Mommy is the one who dragged my make-up-less butt to the MAC counter and insisted I get some color going- and she was right, my feet dragging aside.

    Deborah- yay for you! Packages, of any kind, are always a day brightener!

  9. You shouldn’t have given me props…Now I have nothing to hang over your head when I need a favor…
    “Remember that one time I totally changed your life with lipcolor and you never even gave me credit for it? boo hoo, clean my house”

  10. I want it. I need it. $20 you say? I’d pay twice that if it really stays on all day. I usually put my lipstick on 10 minutes before church and it’s all but vanished 1/2 hour in the service. There’s something so compelling about looking a little more hooker and and little less homemaker.

  11. Ok, I got it. I love it. But it’s almost too good — how do you get it off?? I’ve never had to use makeup remover for my lips before . . .

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