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Michelle at Scribbit has had the most fabulous idea- she has, in cooperation with Google, created a search engine of JUST mommy blogs. What that means is, if you want to look up some mothering topic, type it in just like regular google, but it will only search about 1500 mommy blogs. Check it out- it has the potential to be a wonderfully useful resource. Yay Michelle!

In other, equally fabulous news, Bek is guest blogging at Design Mom– if you’ve never hit Design Mom, do so right now! She has the best ideas, updated daily!

5 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. Hey Tracy – thanks for the links! I love the Design Mom site… and I’ll have to check out the Scribbit – that looks great! You asked about the party on my blog… it is being hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom And it is lasting all week long. So far, there are almost 700 people that have joined the party. It’s been fun. You should come on over 🙂

  2. Michelle is a genius! I am so excited for this new tool she has created. It will be fun when she gets her sidebar button done so we can add it our our blogs.

    Come join the party! It has been a blast.

  3. I just found Design Mom last week and made her my “site of the week” what a coincidence. She is giving away the cutest platter in the world that I’ve hesistated to publish too much because I don’t want to decrease my odds of winning it 🙂

  4. Oh! Someone already got it today, Michelle! Sorry- it was pretty cute, She does giveaways several times a month… so keep your eyes peeled!

  5. Hi Tracy,

    She does give aways all the time and she always highlights the greatest stuff. I knew Design Mom way back when and I am not one single bit suprised she has managed to make this great site. I love it because it works for people like me whose style doesn’t always run towards hip and modern… she always finds great answers to any question….

    I am off to check out the 5 minutes for mom thing and the mommy blogs…:-)

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