The Dentist

How much do you think it would cost, and whose palms would I have to grease, to get a direct line of Nitrous Oxide run into my house? I want it to just come out the central heating vents, in such a concentration that we are all just a little lighter, just a little giddier, just a little easier. Really. How much, and who would do it?

Jeffrey went to the dentist today for his first cavity.

What had the potential to be a nightmare, ended up being a sweet, giggly, happy, painless experience with no side effects. It took a while to convince him to put the mask on, but the “creamsicle” scent the nurse promised helped, as did the fact he chose “glitter” for his filling color. Yes, they have a rainbow of resin colors to choose from, and who wants plain old white teeth, when you can have “raspberry” or “ocean” or in my son’s case, “glitter”?

It took 20 minutes to convince him to put the mask on, and while I wanted to wrestle him down, the dentist, smart, patient, grandfatherly man he is, suggested that might not be so wise.  20 minutes of cajoling. 30 seconds of gas until my dour, nervous, strong-willed boy turned into malleable, giggling, silly, happy, relaxed beam of sunlight.

He relaxed in the chair, he smiled at everyone, he giggled and told me he was floating, he chatted with the nurse and giggled some more. He opened wide, and let the dentist drill and fill his teeth, never so much as batting an eye or flinching a finger. No Novocaine, no shot, nothing but happy, laughing gas.

And now he has a “glitter” filling to go with the giant alarm clock he wears on a rope around his neck… oh, wait, that’s someone else. The glitter goes well with his freckles and wild red hair, I must admit.

SO where do I get a mainline of this n.o. to my house?

14 thoughts on “The Dentist

  1. Cute kid!

    I just blogged about dental-visit woes, but it looks like I just need some gas and glitter fillings and all would be well! Maybe I’ll suggest that to my dentist this morning as I head in for a root canal.

  2. Maybe I could use some as I sell my house. If everybody’s instantly happy when they walk in, they’ll love in and want to buy it.

    Glad everything went well. I want glitter teeth.

  3. You might be onto something big, Wiz!! NO your house, then everyone will want to buy it! What a fabulous idead!

    I know- glitter fillings… how cool is that?

  4. Oh, I hear you. I remember that stuff when I had my wisdom teeth out oh-so many years ago. I think the nurses were laughing at me in my giddy state.

    Glad his first cavity experience was a happy one. I have a cavity to be filled too, so hopefully they’ll have glitter at my dentist’s office too.

  5. You can pick your FILLING COLOR? Wow. I’ve never heard of that before. I think Jeffery made the best choice. Even way in the back, I would much rather have a glitter-filled tooth than a “raspberry” or an “ocean” one.

  6. Glitter fillings? That is awesome! Although, will they want a grill next?
    As for the N.O. in the house… I think that’s a brilliant idea. All the neighbors would be sending their kids to your house… “They always come home in such a good mood!”

  7. Wow. My dentist is great, but gave my son regular shots, and it was no problem at all. I didn’t know they even did laughing gas for kids. Hey, I didn’t even know they did it at all anymore.

    I went to the dentist twice this week and the first time I had a major reaction to the novacaine. Now I have to have a root canal and they can’t give me the regular type of novacaine and I was saying, can’t they just give me gas? Knock me out? But evidently that’s not an option.

    The glitter filling is coooool.

  8. You may find he is seriously sensitive to the smell of N.O from now on. My oldest daughter was around his age with her first cavity…and can smell it anywhere a dentist is.
    We went to a lawyer to pick up our wills recently (she’s now 16), and she said…and wrinkled her nose… “ooh, I can smell the dentist” when we walked in. I reminded her that it was a law office..
    when we walked out & got in our car, we noticed a dentists office was attached.
    I didn’t smell a thing.
    WOW on the filling color!

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