She Lives!

All day my eyes have been bothering me. Blurry. Warp-y. Crooked… I took my contacts out and cleaned them, and still, I was whonk-eyed. Taking Jeffrey to school, the signs were blurry, but since my lenses were new, and I had also just cleaned them, I jumped to the only logical conclusion: Brain tumor.

When I got home from my crooked, dizzy errands, I swaped my lenses for my glasses, and things seemed much clearer. Whew. No brain tumor after all.

Turns out I had my lenses in the wrong eye. 

So what’s been going on with you?

My memory seems to have gone the way of the snow, and I doubt I even have any readers anymore- and I can’t even remember what I’ve done with all the time I took away from writing. I think knitting was in there somewhere, and I know I made a quilt, but it’s not completely done yet. I played a lot with my kids, which is a trend I think I’ll continue- even though I’ve never been much of a “floor mom”- not that I don’t like sitting on the floor or anything, I’m just not a micro-manager.

We had some family birthdays, (which I lagged on big time), a parent-teacher conference and trip to Target or two- yes, it was as bad as you’re thinking. Do you know how awesome the public library is? I know that, but it always seems I forget, then I go on a library bender, and remember how much I love it. Anyway…

Go read “The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood” by the infamous and spectacular Dr. Sears, right now! It will change the way you feed your babies forever. We are now officially and completely off junk-food of any kind, and the bambinos have been surprisingly receptive. They even tried such strange and exotic fare as salmon and asparagus, once I explained about food dye and strong muscles and how our hearts work. Not trying to terrify them or anything, but it’s totally working.

Beanies favorite thing now is grinding his own peanut butter- it makes him really happy.

I discovered a super fun recipe for making your own pita bread, and the kids LOVE the science of the bread puffing up and, well, kneading dough is always a favorite pass-time in our hovel.

Speaking of hovels, did I mention our house goes on the market in less than three weeks? Ok, it’s far from a hovel. Actually it’s a fine, wonderful, homey, updated, newly carpeted cedar-sided ranch with five beds and recently remodeled kitchen and bath … are you interested? Yeah? Yeah? So packing I a-go. And packing. And packing. Maybe a little panicking in there, too, eh?

I can’t talk about the new house yet, because I don’t want to touch the bubble and pop it. You understand. When the deal is done, then I’ll dish. But I’ll just say one thing: Porch. Uh huh. That’s right.

So, I’ll be around again. Moving and getting the house ready to show and be on the market is my new all-consuming pet-project. Keeping the house clean and ready to show at a moments notice for the next month ought to be a barrel of fun. Or maybe just a barrel of Monkeys… wish us luck! 

13 thoughts on “She Lives!

  1. Welcome back! I’ve checked your blog daily just to see if you had any new words of wisdom for your fans in the computer–YAY! Good, good, good luck with the house sale and–gulp!–the packing.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have so much that is so marvelous going on that I might just burst of happiness! (truly)
    And I hope at some point you have a moment to share your favorite (healthy) recipe sources. I am obviously only gifted at sharing un-healthy ones, but I will try to fix that soon…..ish.

    Good luck with the moving madness. Normally it sounds like a nightmare, but you make it sound almost thrilling…. I hope you manage to keep that perspective long enough to see you through to the other side of things!

    And enjoy your porch! (knock on wood….) I’ll have to get your new address for sending presents!

  3. Totally thrilled that we can bond on the whole ‘moving sucks’ thing. I can’t decide which is worse – getting your house ready to sell, or actually keeping it clean once it’s on the market. We are finished with the getting ready part, and appointments to view it start tomorrow. I’ll let you know which one sucks more. Here’s hoping it sells quickly!

  4. Glad to see you’re back! Moving is never fun… but good luck! I hope it sells quickly! And post pics of your quilt when you can 😀 I’d love to see it!!

  5. Well lookey here…. welcome back.

    I am going to try playing with my kids since you say so many things about it………….. 🙂 I want the pita bread recipie.

    Now that you have read Heathiest Kids in the Neigborhood, go read You the Body and You the Diet (even though these are Oprah books you should still do it). It is the same verison for grownups.

    Glad you are back.

    MOVING? Closer to me perhaps?

  6. I’m so glad that you’re back! And the site design is sooooo pretty.

    Good luck on selling your house. And I’m glad that your kids are so receptive to the change in diet. Good for them! ^_^

  7. I love how you jumped to the Brain Tumor conclusion. You’re my kind of hypochondriac.

    I would go read that book, but I have a feeling I’d believe every word and be too lazy to actually implement the teachings and spend the rest of my life eating food that repulses me. Would I have to grind my own peanut butter if I read it or could I get by with just putting the lid back on instead of keeping it open in the cabinet?

  8. Keryn- wow! A fan? I have a fan? Cool beans. Thanks for checking in, even though I was a total slacker.

    Em- (knocking on wood) I’ll forward the address as soon as the bubble lands.

    Wizzers- what’s that they say about misery loving company? Oh yeah, that’s right. Aren’t we a happy bunch!?

    Melissa- don’t be holding your breath on quilt pics anytime soon! I will be packing up my sewing room here in a few days!

    Bek- Ha! As much as I would LOVE to have your for neighbor, the idea of a PA morgage payment makes me lightheaded and nauseaus. Nope, still here in the northwest, only with a PORCH.

    Tigersue and Allanna- thanks for the good vibes and compliments

    Sarah- So how’s labor? Haven’t you had that baby yet?? 😉

  9. I’ve diagnosed myself with a brain tumor a few times! During any big headache, I start putting my affairs in order in my head because I’m sure that anything that hurts that much must be fatal!

    So glad you’re back. Good luck with the move. Glad it’s you and not me!

  10. Hello! Good luck with the house deals. I understand your situation. Ick…

    I love Bloglines, cuz I just check in when it tells me there’s a new post!

  11. All your readers are still here 🙂 !! Hopefully you had an enjoyable bloggy break.

    I need to play with my kids more often and I, too, am not the “floor mom.”

    Best of luck with the selling and acquiring of houses.

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