We’re Not Even to “Moving” Yet…

A vacant, preoccupied stare has become my normal face. As I walk around my house, I have a constant mental tally going of what to do. The list grows and divides like cells splitting, branching off into the “Go to Home Depot”, “Pack for Storage”, “We Will/Won’t Need That”, and “That’ll Work for Staging” departments. Branches are subject to split and multiply at any time, and I seem incapable of carrying on a conversation, since my brain is always “listing” my next to-do.

T-minus two weeks until MLS Listing…

So far, here is an abbreviated list of what we have to do:

  • Pack the whole house, leaving only the nicest, barest furnishings for staging.
  • Paint the living room, hallway and touch up the bedrooms. Paint the laundry room, and touch up the kitchen.
  • Drapes: do I leave them or do they stay? Aaagh.
  • Pack the closets, kitchen, bathroom, and food storage. Food storage… ugh. Good idea, bad moving fun.
  • Mooch around friends and see if I can get a couple of good table lamps and maybe some end-tables.
  • Wash all the windows, inside and out.
  • Repair a few cracks from snow and ice on our front walk.
  • Curb appeal the front step and entry- paint, flowers in pots.
  • New baseboards in the downstairs bathroom.
  • Replace the little sprayer thingy on the kitchen sink; the kids broke it.
  • Go through all the gazillion toys and figure out what to donate, what to pack, and what to 86.
  • Pack office, sewing room and guest room, swapping out queen bed from guest room to master bedroom, and putting our king bed in storage, all in an attempt to make our rooms look larger.
  • Fix downspout on back of house that came loose.
  • Empty garage. Ugh.
  • Find a home for the two+ cords of wood we bought this winter, all nicely stacked beside the garage. Anyone need wood? Aged and split. You haul.
  • Get pretty new fancy towels for the bathrooms and threaten kids’ lives if they wipe peanut-butter hands on them. Or even breathe on them.
  • Get new handle for the storm door. Old one broke. Yay.
  • Shampoo downstairs carpets.
  • Trim trees, shrubs and plant new flowers in the beds, along with some beauty bark.
  • With a toothbrush, bleach and a magnifying glass, clean the entire house, not forgetting the oven, dishwasher, every inch of both bathrooms, fridge, and toilets.
  • Oh, and someone said I’m supposed to bake cookies to make the house smell good. Yeah. Sure. That’s gonna happen.

Feel free to torment me and add anything you think I may have forgotten. Rest assured, this list has already split and multiplied in my head, much like bad mutant DNA.

Uh, it may be a few days again before I check in.  *Holy crap*

15 thoughts on “We’re Not Even to “Moving” Yet…

  1. Best thing my mom taught me when we were moving as kids….and has saved my sanity as an adult…
    Get a big office calendar (Since we’re in March you prolly could get a great deal on one)….you know—-the kind with the BIG BOXES (you prolly could print one on the computer.)
    And tape it to the place you past the most often. Whever you think of something that has to be done before you move, write it in on one of the dates. Then you know that each day, you must get “xyz” done and can stop thinking about it as often, but don’t feel as overwhelmed each day.
    Totally works for me.
    Good luck in your move…
    (You don’t happen to live in utah do you?)

  2. LOL. We’ve all been there.

    Buy a cheap (or fancy…s’up to you) breadmaker and stick that on. Bread baking is a faaaabulous homey smell and baking bread in one of those is child’s play. 🙂 My tip for the day.

    We sold our house in 6 days. 😀

  3. Or, if you don’t have a breadmaker (or just don’t want to haul one out or buy one), scented candles are a nice way to go.

    At Bed, Bath and Beyond, there’s usually at least one scent of Yankee candles on sale per month. Maybe they have a cookie scent? The buttercream frosting is yummy, too. Or the cucumber melon. Whatever you think would work the best!

    Or you could just simmer a small pan of cinnamon-spiked water on the stove.

    Best of luck!!

  4. Your list sounds like my list! Except we still haven’t fixed the ‘$%!! blinds, and people are already looking at it. We stole art and end tables from my parents, moved a lot of furniture around, FINALLY removed wallpaper from our basement bathroom, and painted it and the master bath, put new carpet in the basement, painted and stained the deck, gave up and paid somebody to clean up the yard, and those staging towels are in a cupboard ONLY to be brought out for showings! Do not leave them there on a regular basis!

    I like the bread making tip. But it’s not going to happen here, since I don’t have a bread maker and I want my counters to be as clear as possible. What? Oh yeah, we TOTALLY live without a toaster!

  5. Here’s hoping that it sells quick! I’m all for the candle idea… we actually had one from Salt City that’s called “Baked Apple” and it smells like apple crisp or apple pie… very yummy.

  6. Two trips to Home Depot today so far- It’s 2:00. I have: Hung new curtain rods in the boys’ bedroom, patched and spackled some drywall where they pulled the old curtain rods out of the wall, dug through the garage to find the right cans of paint for touch ups in the kitchen and living room. Replaced the srayer-thingy on our faucet with a nice, shiny new chrome one, as well as new drain baskets and a faucet nozzle. I bought the baseboards for the downstairs bath, and a new handle and lock for the storm door, but I got the wrong kind, so I have to go back to HD again. I did manage to clean the window screens and between the glass panes in the boys’ bedroom, as well as swap the hardware on the windows.

    Tonight I am painting the hallway and changing the overhead light in Abbys room to a new, alabaster and brushed-nickel light.

    Oh, and I got new drip plates for the stove.

    Pleasepleaseplease let this house sell quickly!

    I don’t think we can live without a toaster. I just don’t. Especially since most of the rest of the kitchen is going to be packed up- and like I want to COOK and possibly MESS UP THE KITCHEN?? No way.

    Pizza for the next two weeks.

  7. Oooh, I wish I was around to bring you dinner and watch your kids, or to stay up until 4 am painting with you.

    Because I totally would.

  8. I second Allanna’s suggestion of cinnamon-spiked water on the stove (or in the oven on “warm”, but I always add a 1/3 cup of artificial vanilla (the real stuff is too expensive to do this with) to the water–yum yum what a great smell, people think I’m baking a cake or something.

  9. When we sold our house last fall we made all the necessary improvements, did all of the landscaping, painting etc…and then we got to enjoy none of it. We really wished that we spent time on the yard so that we could enjoy it, but we were there less than a year and a half so oh well. Kind of funny we bought the house from members, and then sold it to members!

  10. I totally relate and appreciate what you’re saying. I’m an agent and I sooo wish sellers would go to the trouble to do all that you’re doing! I have a couple of listings right now that every comment I get back is “Too cluttered or too messy or too much stuff.” People can’t imagine themselves living there when you live like Oscar of the “Odd Couple”. If you do all of these things on your list, your home will sell fast, unless it is in So. UT.

  11. Um, what about cleaning the shed?
    I KNOW, I’m sorry, it just sort of popped out…….

    I’d totally sacrifice a few hours to take your boys to the big M on Wednesday for a playdate, or a picnic at the park. Just so you could clean and stuff of course, because I give and give….

    Just remember, that porch is SO worth it!!!!

  12. OR You could buy Rhodes rolls…they smell heavenly when they bake. Easier and faster!…and you can eat them for dinner??

    LOL @ the daring one……….

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