Ok, I CAN live without a toaster. I can. I can. I can. What I cannot have is crumbs and crispies all over my immaculate kitchen. We’re lookin’ for easy, baby. Looks like we’ll be having a lot of applesauce and yogurt for the next few weeks. Oh, and pizza. Sigh. Of course, my kids will be eating their yogurt inside an aeseptic bubble so nothing spills and sends Mama into the wigging-out stratosphere.

no crumbs… no crumbs… no crumbs! NO CRUMBS!! crumbscrumbscrumbs….

I got four whole hours of sleep last night. Why?

An amalgam of Scooby Doo and Celine Dion is running through my head. Crazy wacky Canadian pipes belting out the Scooby Doo theme mixed with something from Titanic, with some Las Vegas glitter thrown in for good measure.

My eyes are sooooooo red.

I’m off to Home Depot for the umpteeth time this week. It’s my new Target.

11 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I agree with the Wiz, oh and a slow cooker can be nice to help keep the kitchen tidy when you want something else beside the same old pizza!

  2. Wow, toast does make a lot of crumbs. I never thought about all the time I habitually wiped up toaster crumbs from my counter. Do you wonder if your kids are going to start saying things like, “Mom, remember bread?”

  3. Is it warm enough to eat outside? It might be a bit of a novelty for the kids, and be less cleanup. But then again that could be just the sort of idea of mine that could backfire…..

  4. New Target without the tantrum’s, I hope……

    Paper plates, pizza rolls or beige food (or bag it and buy food out, it would be the same price and get you out of the house…)….. I am moving in three days and we haven’t had plates for weeks… of course the floors and the kitchen are going by by so I also stopped cleaning about two weeks ago. It is SO liberating….

  5. Yeah. Not so much without the tantrums, but I didn’t have time (or energy) to write about it.

    You’re moving, Bek?? Or is this just the kitchen remodel?

    Em- yesterday it hailed, today is was only about 50 degrees- I’m thinking we’re gonna be eating a lot of take-out.

    I’m going to Costco and buying the industrial size box of paper plates. I’ll just keep them in my car!

  6. Maybe the weather will cooperate and you can just have the kids live in tents outside – picnic for every meal! wahoo!

  7. My best gal pal used to spread a huge quilt on the floor and have the kids eat on top of that. Then she’d roll it into a ball, haul it outside, and give it a good shake.

    She’s my hero in so many ways. =P

  8. “Home Depot: The New Target” – that is classic.

    Living in a home while trying to sell it tops my list of excruciating experiences. Paper plates are a must. The painting, the perpetual housecleaning, the “don’t be a kid or make a mess” frenzy, the “let’s get out of here, someone’s coming to look in our closets” thing…and those crumbs!! They really do haunt a person, don’t they?

    Hope all goes well and that Chinette does the trick for you! 🙂

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