T-Minus 7

We list next Monday. It’s 12:22 in the morning, and I am covered in paint, downstairs scrounging around for some artwork to put over the mantle- and I decided to throw out a quickie post. Who knows when I’ll have another chance… Of all weeks for it to be Spring Break, that’s all I have to say about that.

So far:

  • Painted the hallway, and over half the living room.
  • Packed all the china, silver and dishes from the cabinets, as well as all the breakable chatchkas I’ve inherited over the years.
  • Packed my antique books and all my cookbooks, as well as the a few of the drawers in the kitchen and the stuff from the counter-tops.
  • All pictures and personal things in the house are packed. We now look like a hotel.
  • I cleaned both ovens tonight. Yuck. But they sure do look purty!
  • Replaced the handles on the storm door. They even work!
  • Nagged my husband several times about his to-do list.
  • Swapped out the lampshades for better looking, un-dusty ones.
  • Painted a new sign that says “There’s no place like HOME”- hoping the subtle and subliminal message is not lost on perspective buyers.
  • Cleaned between the panes of glass in several rooms and pulled the window screens off so the view is crystal clear.
  • Caulked the bathtub, but scraped it all off because it looked like crap. Meh, what can I say? I’m not good at some things!
  • Fluffed the drapes in the dryer.
  • Hung a new, simple wreath on the front door.
  • Bought the porch paint to re-paint the back steps.
  • Walked around the neighborhood to look at the two other houses for sale- and feel really good about ours, now.

Tomorrow? I may collapse. No, really, then I get to start on the kids toys and their stuff. Beanie is really squawking about not wanting to leave this house. I think he’ll change his tune when he sees the new place, but I understand- this is the only home he knows, and it’s scary.  Jeff is just so excited about having a fenced yard and a swingset, he doesn’t care about anything else.

3 thoughts on “T-Minus 7

  1. sounds totally exhausting, but you of all people have the stamina to see it through.
    Lots of prayers for a quick sell coming your way.

  2. Your list reminds me of an Amelia Bedelia book I read my little girl – change the towels, draw the curtains, dust the furniture, put out the lights, etc. Hopefully, though, you did things the right way 🙂 !!

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