Open Houses and Barf

Hey! I know what would be really fun!! Let’s put the house on the market, work our butts off to make the place look hot, deal with the Realtors at all hours, live out of suitcases, and then, just for fun, maybe Beanie could get a stomach virus and puke all over me, the house, and the car! Anyone want to join in??

Anyone care to venture a guess how I’m doin’??

10 thoughts on “Open Houses and Barf

  1. Here’s to hoping the house sells FAST! It’s never fun to clean up puke…but maybe in a new house you can atleast be somewhat stress free while you clean up puke.

  2. I’m so sorry… what’s up with your kids and puking? I think you’ve had your fair share of that…. tell em to knock it off! Maybe they need to sleep in the garage … yeah… that might work… :S It will sell quick… thinking positively… 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s another puke post! Snarker, where are you?! Lol
    T2 and I have a stomach thing right now, but with different results, not so fun now that he’s in real underwear. That’s all I’m gonna say because I have SOME decency left.
    At least in the bus we can just hose things down, wanna trade?
    Love ya!!!

  4. man… we had the same thing (but at the mil’s and it was Cubby puking–the car, the car seat, the guest room, etc, etc) and Norah was having poo-splosions……. today is an all around icky day to be a mom….

    I am SO SO sorry. Sell house sell……

  5. Awww… that sucks. We had the puke and diarehha bug come and visit us a few weeks ago – not fun!

    Take a deep breath …. perferably outside away from the barf 🙂

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