Happy First Birthday, Abigail!

Holy cow. It’s been a year already. My darling little Maybe is now venturing her first tentative steps on pudgy feet and wobbly kankles, eating toast with apple butter and bananas and busily chasing the Monkeys.

In between dodging real estate agents, we are going to have pictures made today, and the Monkeys have chosen a gaudy and elaborate paste crown for her to wear tonight over her bakery-bought cake. Both the boys had the same waxen number 1 candle on their cakes, but that candle is packed in storage, so Abby will have to break tradition and have something different.

Happy Birthday Abby, my precious little joyful child. Mama loves you.

13 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Abigail!

  1. Happy Birthday to the AbiGIRL… little Maybe, heh….

    I can’t believe it!! May she sell your house for her birthday. THAT would be a great gift….

  2. Happy Birthday Abigail! I can’t BELIEVE it’s been a whole year since your momma helped draw me into the blogging world with her wild pregnancy stories. 🙂 Isn’t it great that everything turns out so right?!

  3. I just read your story about Abigail’s birthing and it is identical to almost all of my births. When they say “Don’t push” I let loose with the demonic voice inside me and growl “I HAVE TO PUSH”. And ring of fire, well that’s putting it mildly. Congrats to her and to you on her 1st Birthday! Hang in there (I’ve also been through the house selling hades you are going through, too)

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