Such a Pretty Little Thing

Today, while avoiding two Realtors showing my house back-to-back, I ended up at Michael’s craft store…. and much to my wonder and delight, there was eye candy a plenty to be savored in the new Martha Steward Craft line. Oh, so very pretty. All of it. Think what you like, the woman has mad style. Or at least she pays the people who do!

12 thoughts on “Such a Pretty Little Thing

  1. I saw those via a link from today and spent a good healthy chunk of Oliver’s precious nap time looking at her stuff online.
    I agree, lot’s of sighing and wishing I had a reason to buy party favor boxes, or money to buy them with.

  2. David! What rock do you live under?? No, her highness was released quite some time ago ( year and a half, I think) and has reinvented herself, has a new TV show and a couple of fabulous new publications.

    I personally don’t care much about any of that, except I love pretty things, and the woman can make even the mundane look beautiful. Gotta give it to her.

  3. ah its not too bad 😉 , i hear the US has some very nice places, i was ment to head over this year but we’re going to Thailand instead, ah well maybe next year

  4. Oh those look so cute! They’d be great for a little shower or tea party to throw in a few little favors or treats- like those yummy dinner mints!

    Gotta love Michaels!

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