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  1. Knew there was a reason you hadn’t posted for awhile…good luck and I share your packing woes…
    Love, Chelsea

  2. Wishing you the best! I hope that you’ll be in your new home soon!! (And unpacked and moved in quickly and as stress-free as possible!)

  3. So here’s a question. WHAT is Escrow? I’ve heard them say that word on US TV shows and I know that it has to do with selling a house, but what exactly is it? Please help this little British girl to understand *smiles sweetly in a Mary Poppins manner* 😀

  4. Escrow is another word for NIGHTMARE.

    Really, it’s the period of time between when you accept and sign a contract with a buyer, until the title of the house is actually transfered, and the funds change hands. It is often 30 days, but can be whatever period both parties agree to. It is also the period where inspections take place, repairs are made, appraisals are run and general hell and stress take over your life.

    We are running two Escrows simultaneously. For our house we are selling, and for the house we are buying. If anything happens with our selling Escrow, it directly impacts our buying Escrow, because we need the funds from this house to buy our new house. There is a lot of breath-holding and crying. Lots of calls to brokers and agents and banks. Some yelling at children as they pull on your pantleg and whine while you are on the phone with your mortgage broker.

    It is hell. And I am in it.

  5. I kinda figure that the more time I spend in hell here, the less I’ll do on the other side. I hope!

    Here’s to both going well, and hoping the move comes quickly!

  6. sounds like so much hasel just to move house, i hope its not that hard here!! whats the reason for the move anyway, im the new kid on the block so im abit lost 😉 (thats me looking for some pity 😉 )

  7. The move is to a bigger house on the other side of town. The house we currently live in was our very first house we owned, and my husband chose it on a business trip. I didn’t even see it until we arrived with our moving truck, 1200 miles from all family. It’s been a fine house, but we’ve added a few kiddos since, and needed (well, wanted) a nice yard for then to play in, and a little more room.
    The kicker that sealed the deal for me- the new house has a front porch, and that was on my short list of desires in this life.
    How’s the ol’ football team doing? 😉

  8. That’s a long way to move from your family, I’d say a nice yard would help you out a lot with the little munchkins 😉

    All good on the football front they won the League 🙂

  9. Oooooh…so THAT’s what Escrow is. We call that *taps cheek trying to remember from 4 years ago when I was doing it*…well…we just say “we’ve accepted an offer” (seller) or “our offer’s been accepted” (buyer) and the house is ‘sold’ but either party can back out until “contracts are exchanged” which is when the money changes hands. This the period when searches and surveys are done on the property and the nitty gritty of what fixtures and fittings are being left in the property etc. gets done.

    Well…I wish you a speedy exchange of contracts. And yes, it’s hell here too! LOL!

  10. Exactly what are you going to do to yourself and your loved ones if this doesn’t work out?

    What a silly question. Of course it will go through. Right…? AKKK! I’m starting to go crazy for you!

  11. Well, we put the house back on the market and find a new buyer. Heaven help us, that won’t happen.

    At this point, things are moving along as they are supposed to. But, I wonder even as I write that if I’m jinxing myself.

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