Because Escrow Alone Isn’t Enough Fun

To the dumb-a$$ who somehow managed to steal our credit card number:

Dude! Aside from the totally karma-sucking nature of stealing someone’s credit, you were stupid enough to give Dell your address for shipping when you “bought” your new fancy laptop on our dime. Rest easy, Lame-Tard, when Dell let me know what you had done, I made sure to pass on your name and address to the fraud department of your town, my credit card company, and the federal government.

Oh, and all the crap you bought on e-bay? Yeah, they can trace you through that too. So be looking for a knock from the fine gentlemen in Blue any day.

P.S. You suck.

16 thoughts on “Because Escrow Alone Isn’t Enough Fun

  1. I’m so sorry, don’t you wish that you had some say in their punishment. I know I could come up with some great things that they would have to do to repay you for the crime.

  2. Oh My Heck
    I’m so sorry.
    So I’d say you’ve had your share. The next five years nothing in your life is allowed to be stressful!

  3. Oh man! Karma is going to bite down big time on this person! Wait til you find out how they stole it. It never ceases to amaze me at the common criminals walking around with us. Thank goodness you’ve got the info now and not later.

  4. So glad that you have some info on the moron who stole your cc. Hopefully he/she will get what is coming to them! We just had a cell phone stolen and the hormonal teen downloaded $150 worth of stuff before we realized and the cell company wont remove. We didn’t report it stolen soon enough. What a joke. Oh, well, it could have been worse! Hope that everything works out for you!

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