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Never, ever unpack your food storage from it’s cannery boxes. Packing, lifting, loading and unloading a million pounds of wheat, water, rice and beans had to be suckiest part of the move. Really, leave everything in the cannery boxes- they are the perfect size, shape and uniformity for stacking, lifting and transporting. Those cannery planning peeps know what’s up.

When your five and three-year old’s turn their noses up at yet another Happy meal, you know you have been in Limbo too long. Yes, they OD’d on fast food, and really want Mama to make whole wheat pancakes again. Hooray! As for me, after sampling far too much drive-through “food” I have to say: Carl’s Jr? Best burger, hands down. McD’s really stinks, and the quality is terrible, but their fries are the best. Jack’s  24-hour breakfast menu rocks… I love me some hash browns during an open house, regardless of time. Cheese curds at A&W- scrumptious little grease bombs; Jeff would do anything for them. And we won’t be making any runs for the Border anytime soon. Ick.

Even when you think you have everything done, every last jot and tittle taken care of, the escrow company will call you and need several thousand more dollars, and they will need it in an hour- in a cashiers check. Count on it. It’s just part and parcel of the crisis known as escrow.

Getting utilities set up is more work than getting a flippin’ passport. They want your social, your license, and your firstborn, just to get a little water and gas. Never-mind that you had service, and paid your bill, for the last five years at your last home.

The cable guy will be an idiot. That’s money in the bank.

Sure as the sun rises, your three-year old will wig-out about changing houses.  Be prepared for regressions, tantrums, abdicating of all rules and total mutiny. The older child will see said mutiny, and jump on the bandwagon. Be prepared. How? Sheesh, if I knew that I wouldn’t need my straitjacket anymore.

You will lose at least one box. Guaranteed. Even if you are only moving across town like us, the box containing all five of your telephones and the box with your husband’s work clothing will certainly disappear into the Bermuda triangle.  It took me six days to find our telephones. People keep stopping by, asking why the phone just rings and rings and rings… hmmmm. It’s a mystery. I never heard anything.

14 thoughts on “About Moving…

  1. Those are some strange phenomenon. I’ve experienced some of them myself. I’m glad you’re getting in and eventually on with your regular life. Good luck!!

  2. The Carl’s Jr Breakfast burger is the best, if you haven’t had one, you should. fried egg, hash brown, cheese, bacon,all on a bun! Yumm! Too bad I moved to where there are no Carl’s Jr:(

  3. or you could have a dh like mine. On our move from ID to WA 10 yrs ago he filled the truck and decided that what ever was left in the apartment we could live without (and tossed it), and since I was already in WA I didn’t find out about it until I was unpacking and couldn’t find what I needed. I think it was really him trying to get out of ever having to pack for a move again, and it sort of worked, I won’t let him near any packing boxes unless I’m right there to supervise.
    Oh and jack in the box’s 2 tacos for $1. love them, don’t know why but I do!

  4. We had Chick-Fil-A the first day we moved into our house–we were all starving, grubby, and arm sore. I looked at DH, and said, “Never let us speak of this meal again.” It was truly the grossest thing I’d ever eaten.

    A year later, I quite enjoy Chick-Fil-A.

    6 months, girl. Give it 6 months. A friend of mine who has been through moving hell said that it takes 6 months to get used to anything–a new house, a new town, a new school, a new ward, etc. I always think that is good advice when I’m wigging about something new.

    Glad you found your phone!

  5. When I lived in Southern California, we would get an In-n-Out burger and drive across the street to get McDonald’s fries. And a shake of course.

    Hopefully the unpacking is almost done …

  6. Lost boxes are kinda like lost socks which must be sacrificed to the dryer. Its no use looking for them.

    And now for something completely different…

    mmmmmm…In-N-Out…must…have…double-double animal style…

    Oh wait…the nearest In-N-Out is 2,400 miles away. Damn!

  7. Ah, Shiz, now we know you’re an Easterner! Ah, the nearest In’n’Out from me is about 800 miles away… sigh.

    ordinary mom- thanks for the upbeat attitude… I need all the help I can get.

    Em- write away- mail is being forwarded- or, e-mail me and I’ll give you the new digits.

  8. Carl’s Jr is awesome! Their malts are super yum!
    As for the lost boxes… you’re lucky you didn’t move farther. We have discovered that the number of boxes lost in a move is directly related to the number of miles traveled during said move. We’ve moved 12 times in 9 1/2 years… I can’t even remember all the stuff we’ve lost :S

  9. I hate fast food. But I love whole wheat pancakes for breakfast. If dh would go for it, we’d sometimes have them for dinner too with scrambled eggs and fried ham and oj. Yummy!

    Hope you are starting to settle in.

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