Yard Sales Rule!

Man, this totally rocks…! I had so much luck today- It’s already spread all over my house, but here is the take:

  • A vintage freestanding wooden framed blackboard, with blackboard and tray on both sides so two kids can use it at once. It is also printed with darling vintage pigs and squirrels, and the alphabet in upper and lower case. On both sides. $5.00
  • A totally vintage Royal typewriter, you know, the black kind that weigh a ton and have the keys with glass letters? Yup, one of those. The kids are having a ball on it already- for $3.00. Yes, that says three. It needs a ribbon.
  • A lime green Japanese umbrella of really high quality and design. The boys are having a blast playing with it, but it’s so nice I may confiscate it, for $3.00
  • A bundle of old brass picture frames with velvet backs and wavy glass, 25 cents.
  • An enamel-ware basin, white with the red stripe on top, for $4.00
  • An Acme old blue canning jar, with the glass lid intact. It’s  keeping my old creamery milk bottle company on the kitchen window sill… $1.00
  • A large, antique wooden picture frame, $3.00
  • A pile of hand crocheted doilies and cruelwork, $5.00
  • Two vintage crochet-edge and embroidered pillow cases for Abby, $3.00
  • A small basket
  • A box of vintage Christmas tree hooks made in the USA, they are so flippin’ big and thick- for 5 cents
  • And two books, Amy Tan’s “Saving Fish from Drowning” and that health book about You and being an owners manual. $2

The painting is coming along, too, with some changes. As soon as I get a little further, I will post another picture.

6 thoughts on “Yard Sales Rule!

  1. You obviously live in yard sale heaven. Once I can afford it (haha) I will have to come visit you JUST to experience it!

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