31 thoughts on “Finished Painting…

  1. Tracy,

    That is stunning………. when do you start taking commissions? If we pay enough to make it worth your time (and a babysitter while you paint..)


  2. Losely based on Abby, but I couldn’t get her to hold still long enough to draw her accurately- so it really doesn’t look very much like her- and her hair isn’t red like that.

    The kankles and wrist rolls are all her, though!

    Bek- I would be happy to do one for your kids- or three, if you wanted- but you have to call me… As far as price- I’m clueless- it’s been a long time since I was in the painting realm.

  3. Does the next frame have her running from the chickens after she’s out of chicken feed? Just wondering. Yes, I did come across some mean chickens as a kid. Vicious vindictive birds…

  4. Wow!!! That’s flippin’ GORGEOUS!!!

    I think we need to burn you (in a Guy Fawkes manner) and then breathe in the smoke so we get lungfulls of your talent (bwaahaahaaaaaaaa! *evil cackle*)

  5. I love finding out about other people’s talents! What a blessing for you and your family to have a fabulous artist around! And yes, sign me up for one.

  6. Turned out great! Can’t wait to see it in person. I am glad and envious that you found the time. I’ll give you a ring on Thursday as I have little ones shots tomorrow😦

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