The Truth About Poop

If you have boy, or even a husband or brother or anyone of the male persuasion ((ok, even if you have a girl- we don’t need to pretend we aren’t just as fascinated (almost) about poop as the boys))- run, don’t walk, to Amazon and buy this book:


My kids have had more fun reading, re-reading and laughing their little bums off over all the seriously scientific facts you never knew you needed to know about poop.  It really is a cool collection of facts, and not at all potty-humor like some kids books about bodily functions. 

Consider these little factoids:

Did you know sharks poop in spirals? Did you know toilet manufacturers use fermented bean curd to test new toilets because it will, um, clog like the real thing? Did you know baby cockroaches can survive in times of famine by eating their parent’s poop? Beaver poop floats? Michealangelo rubbed donkey poop on some of his marble statues to make them look older?

See how much fun all that info is? How could you have made it through the day without knowing all that?

So that’s your book recommendation for the day- perhaps not my most intellectual choice, but certainly the most fun.

Now I’m off to work on the Beastly Piano some more….

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Poop

  1. holy crap! I can’t believe someone wrote this book, okay so yes I can believe it. I know that my dh and ds would love, love, love this book but I’m not sure that I want to encourage them. I’ll have to take a look at it and we’ll see.

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