Dandelion Mama Giveaway

It’s gonna be a good one! 

Heads up, everyone… This month, courtesy of TftCarrie, I will be the featured mama-business at Tales from the Crib– and coupled with the mini-bio business profile, there will be a great give-away of custom made Tracy M. artwork.

If you’re interested, head on over there and enter your name in the drawing. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Dandelion Mama Giveaway

  1. I was just wondering about the Tales giveaway, how neat that it is you this month! I will have to go and check it out tomorrow! BTW, Great looking piano you have there!

  2. Wow… are you ready to get up at 5 every morning so you can paint???? 😉

    I am going to send you some chips here soon…. we aren’t back in the house yet (two more weeks…)….

  3. OH OHOH!!!! I want to win the painting! lol How awesome would that be??? 🙂 I got my entry in… now I just have to cross my fingers and toes!

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