State of the M’s

Hot. Hot hot hot. Like most of the west, we are in the middle of a scorcher- days of triple digit temps- euchk! Not my thing. I hate being hot; hate it! Tonight, as I made my way down the street towards the mailbox, I realize it was the first time in three days I had even been outside. Boy, am I grateful for air conditioning. I guess we’ll have to buy some carbon credits, or lose our cool mojo. I don’t care. I hate hot.

It looked like Beanie was over the whole cross-dressing thing, but today we backslid, and I caught him three times in Abby’s closet, trying to squeeze into her sundresses. Hmmm. We compromised and he wore a tee and shorts of hers. What am I supposed to DO?

Jeffrey was signed up for swim lessons, but has decided swimming is a skill he can live without. Completely refused to put his toes in the pool- wouldn’t even put his swim trunks on. $25 bucks down that drain. Oh well.

We went on our annual strawberry picking trip this week- it wasn’t as hot as last year, and we got more berries, but it seems we have eaten too many and I don’t have enough left to put up some jam. Abby is my strawberry baby- she crams them in as fast as I hand them to her- cute little pink stained cheeks, arms, nose, shirt, elbows, high chair, walls, floor. Maybe not so cute after all…

After the piano, I needed a project. At a second-hand store, I came across what they had labeled as a “dresser” for short people- really. It was a buffet, only someone had cut the legs off- and I saw that immediately. So I bought the “special” dresser- and found six new legs, sanded, painted and polished, and I have a fabulous French country buffet. For $28. I’ll post pictures later.

Up next: Slipcovers for the sofa and wing-back chair.

Also, I have a painting I have to start for the winner, JS, of the fabulous Tales giveaway. Looking forward to that.

Oh, and on the fourth? Beanie fell asleep at 5 p.m. and we all missed fireworks. So, we baked a cake today, decorated it with stars and stripes and sang Happy Birthday to America. Then we watched fireworks on YouTube. The kids were thrilled. How long before they figure out how much that sucked?

Endure the rest of your July. August is right around the corner! Yay!

9 thoughts on “State of the M’s

  1. When most people say “I need a project” it means “Maybe I’ll actually put away the laundry that’s been sitting in the basket for 5 days” or “Hmmm…paint the front door or one wall in the bathroom?” You tackle huge projects and make it look easy. Share the secret, please.

  2. I wish I had your eye…..and energy… see a mess and turn it into a treasure. Actually, now that I think of it I have some pretty cruddy looking bedroom furniture……whatcha’ doing this week? Wanna come to my house?

  3. I hear ya on the triple digit heat… although, I have to admit… I’d rather be too warm than too cold… I think… maybe. 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of your trash to treasure buffet.

  4. Totally bummed, the post title made me think you were gonna talk about baseball. Such a tease…
    At least you could figure out your computer good enough to to find YouTube *snicker*
    It costs us less to run the AC than the heater, so bring on the hot baby.
    I wanna hear how “Transformers” was. Review please.
    Oh, and CG is thinking of taking T1 to a ball game next Saturday(depending on my baby status), ya think BCI and Jeff wanna go with?

  5. Hot here also, but no a/c in MT. Blech! Love your “redo” and I do that all teh time. I love digging thru yard sales or whatever to find something most awesome. It’s gorgeous, the finished project. 🙂

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