Puddle of Mama

The heat has sucked all the words and creativity from my noodle.  I’m now counting the days until school starts, as the glory and revelry of the unstructured, everyone at home, free-for-all has absolutely worn off.

I haven’t even MADE anything in two or three days… Just give me an Otter Pop and no one touch me.

7 thoughts on “Puddle of Mama

  1. I hear ya… although, I’m not ready for kids to go to school yet. Little Bug has been in extended school year – he will be done on Thursday. Red has been in Idaho for a month. So, I’m ready for kids to be here with me for awhile. So, next year, ship your kids off for the first half of summer break and then bring them back for the last half 🙂 We are living off of fudgesicles right now!!

  2. I so hear you. We have been having a very hot summer, or maybe this is normal, and I’m just not used to it yet. Thank heavens for my AC!! I try to get the kids outside to ride bikes first thing in the morning so they have as much outdoor activity as possible, because once it gets to hot I can’t stand to be outside, and it’s really too hot for them also. We have just under 1 1/2 months till school starts for us, and it will be all day 1st grade, yeah!
    Some things that help give us something to do: the library – they have story time, and a small play area for dd to play while ds look for books that he can read. Play group at the park once a week, though our school district provided free lunches to all kids 1 yr to 18 yr at most parks in the area so sometimes we head to the park about 11:30 for a quick lunch and a little play time. We also like to go the Costco on the days that they have samples out to try, the best part is the carts are so huge that both kids can be in it at once, one in the front, one in back.
    Anyways good luck survivng the rest of the summer, and yeah to yummy otto pops, green are the best!

  3. “No one touch me” – no truer words were ever spoken. This heat is zapping my strength something fierce.

    I’m not much of an Otter Pop person, but Fudgsicles call my name regularly.

  4. Spending most of the summer at the lake…the kids are having a good time going between the pool and the lake. It has been fun. Wish you were coming down to visit. The boys would have fun together.

  5. I am pretty much house bound with Parker 24/7. I think I have passed nuts and am heading straight into comatose. But I’m doing it in style with a big glass of Mt. Dew over ice in my hand.

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