A New Blogernacle BABY

No, not me! My very good friend and blogger Mo Mommy is in the hospital as we speak (or type- what’s the etiquette these days?) working on getting out her own little Maybe.

She was supposed to be induced tomorrow morning, but Baby had other plans- we have one of her boys, Thing 1, here tonight for a camp-out- which means many boys piled in a bed and not a lot of sleeping.

Send some prayers and goodness vibes her way… she’s in for a long night- but with a bundle of joy at the end. Yay for babies!

Update: Baby is born- all are well and healthy. I’ll leave the details to Mo Mommy to share when she gets home. Yay for healthy, born babies! 

8 thoughts on “A New Blogernacle BABY

  1. You are the fantastic sort of real-life friend.
    Good for you.
    I take it that not only did the boys do very little sleeping, but you sacrificed yours as well?!

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