For Better or Worse…


We’ve been Simpson-ized. It’s kinda scary! I wanted to give myself the svelte thin Marge body, but honesty won out. DH isn’t really that scary in real life- and we had a good laugh at the “angry eyes”. Even with all the crazy Simpson hair, this was the best I could simulate- and it’s pretty tame, folks.

4 thoughts on “For Better or Worse…

  1. Go the The Simpsons Movie, and click the “create Simpsons avatar” button at the top- then you can make anyone you like! It’s fun and a collosal waste of time!

  2. That’s funny! Hubby would love to go see that movie… hmm… maybe he can go to that one and I’ll go see the new Harry Potter… I think I may have just come up with a compromise 😉

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