Seventh Down

Finished. 4:12 p.m.

Very nicely done, Ms. Rowling. No spoilers here, since I don’t split my screen, but if you want to talk about it the comments, I’m all game. Let’s just say it was a satisfying read and a good culmination of 10 years of waiting. I am not let down.

Now, I just can’t wait until my kids are old enough to thoroughly enjoy them.

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  1. Ok, here’s a question: where did Neville get the Sword of Gryfindor at the end of the book? I thought the goblins had it from Gringots.

  2. Yes- He pulled it out of the Sorting Hat when he really needed it because he’s a true Griffindor, just like Harry did a few books back. I guess it’s magical like that.

    I loved everything about the book. The only thing I want to know is: what happened during those 19 years??

  3. So Tracy did you cry? I did, I cried and cried through all the sad parts. Though I think that I probably cried more that I might have because of this being the last one. One of my favorite parts were Snape’s memories, that was really bitter sweet to me. I couldn’t give up on him, dh and I argued about him the most, he thought he was evil and I kept hoping that he wasn’t.

  4. I want to know who is Headmaster at Hogwarts. I know Neville is teaching Herbology, but who’s Headmaster? Do you think Professor McGonagall is still alive?

  5. There’s a fabulous link here: that is an actual interview with JKR- and she gives some nice wrap up on the characters.

    She says:

    Ron and Harry are both heads of the Auror dept at Ministry of Magic, and Hermione works in the Law dept at MoM, despite her own declaration of having no interest in DH.

    Evidently, Ron and Harry completely remade the MoM from the ground up, and things are fabulous now.

    She is very candid about what happens that she didn’t write, because this is the last book and she has nothing to hold back anymore. Great interview.

    As far as me? While I am usually a big crier, for some reason, I never cried in this book. I was happy Snape was a good guy, and his memories were heartwrenching- Dobby dying was truly sad- Tonks, Lupin, Hedwig- well, she said some big ones were going to go, so I wasn’t surprised- and I wasn’t as emotionally invested in them as I would have been had, say, Ron died. Or Hagrid.

    Or maybe it was becuase I had three Monkeys clammoring all over me for most of the time I spent reading…?

    That said, I am thoroughly satisfied with the way it wrapped. I’m glad they have normal lives, families, children and peace. They all had enough adventure for several lifetimes, and it makes me happy that she gave it a “happily ever after”. I needed it, to feel done.

  6. I read an interview that she did and she said that Mr Weasley was supposed to have died in book 5, but she couldn’t kill him off, so he lived. I thought that was interesting. But I felt like going in to book 7 that one of the Weasley were going die, just because there were so many of them, and because in book 5 were Mrs Weasley had that part were she kept seeing different members of her family dead, I just wasn’t expecting it to be Fred, I thought mabye Percy or Charlie.

  7. I loved it. I was really ticked that she killed off Fred. But I guess that’s the point, right?

    I also thought it was unnecessary for both Remus and Tonks to die, but then, I prefer people living to dead. (except Vodemort, of course)

    I thought it moved well, I thought it was well done, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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