This is the fall preview for Kate Spade in New York. Can anyone join me in crying a mightly “Nooooooooooo!” the Heavens? Please. Pleasepleaseplease. I’m not ready for the eighties. Candy colored legs are just nine ways of wrong. Wroooooooong! NOoooo!

15 thoughts on “Nooooo!

  1. Some of the bags are cute. Go with those. And then move here so you’ll never have to wear tights or nylons again! You know you want to……No shoveling……Come on…….

    I used to wear mint green tights with black shoes. I thought I was soooo cool, I even knew I looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I loved it! I’m not doing it again.

  2. Sigh…. it really is true that styles come and go… I hate that. I now know why my mom had out of style jeans when I was growing up: she got fed up with the styles changing all the time!

    Oh! And I saw a bedding set on a JCPenny catalog for, I kid you not, a black, red and white bedspread with those big old squares that were oh so fashionable in the eighties. Let me just go hide in the closet now, kay?

  3. Oh Wizzers, the bags are cute- I could even do the retro cardigan with some classic pearls… it’s the COLORS that have caused me to retch. That, and the legs— blue legs with gold lame shoes?? My eyes! My eyes!! AAAaaaa.

    You should just move up here. Come on, you know you want to… remember the color green?

  4. Susan that’s got to be it- because when I was a teenager, I did the whole candy legs thing, and I just. can’t. do. it. again.

    …but rock on, Kat!

  5. Noooooooo! I did that, too and the incriminating photos are totally cringe-worthy. I’ve also been seeing the leggings everywhere. Not a big fan of those, either.

    What? We couldn’t repeat a cooler fashion period? Say, the 30’s and 40’s styles? Why, oh why are we mimicing the 80’s!?

  6. OH, I agree! Please, lets get with the 30’s and 40’s- love the Dior dresses and the kitten heels with round toes… ohhh! Maybe some seamed stockings and cute dresses with pearls and flared skirts- and sleeves!

  7. Wiz, I so had a pair of mint green leggings with lace trime, that I wore under my mint green pleated skirt!! I thought that I looked so cute!, the pictures are horrendous.

  8. I realize you don’t know me – I just randomly clicked on your lovely blog, but I had to comment because I completely agree with you! I feel no need to revisit the most awkward fashion days of my life.

  9. Amanda- I always love and welcome new readers- thanks for chiming in- and glad I’m not the only one un-eager to revisit the disaster of my junior high years!

  10. I don’t know what’s worse – the bright tights or the extremely conservative necklines. What a bad combination – it screams “If Jackie-O had gone mad!”


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