Blue Satin Sashes II

A few of my favorite things… 

I needed a breather after that horrendous Kate Spade colored-legs torture. Ugh. The bags, maybe. The shoes? Definately. The colors? Over my dead body.

 frog prince 

This is the Frog Prince Under glass. I have made him a nice little nest from tree branches, and he can see out, but the little stinker is not going run rampant in my house. NO kissing of frogs for my little girl to find a prince. Nope. That sucker is mine.

 As you can see, I have a thing for cloche, or bell, jars. Love, love, love them. The only green one I have is over the cast iron toadie. Oh, I know. Toads and frogs are devastatingly different. All you amphibiaovers just keep it to yourselves.

I believe it was Edith Wharton who said a well designed room should always have somethign whimsical for the eye to alight upon. I like that.


And again with the cloche jar. What can I say? This one is on cake stand, also something I positively love, and contains a woodland sprite I caught in south-eastern Germany in 1998. She is lovely, isn’t she?

Love the green rannuculas bursting roots from their gavanized little tin- nevermind that they came from Target. The picture is of a great-grandmother holding a parosel in the sun. Beanie strives to be like her.

So there’s a little tiny glimpse into what I think is pretty. These are my favorite parts of the inside. At least while the kid’s are awake. Once they’re asleep, my favorite part’s are their little faces. But until then… 

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