Summer Doldrums

Harry Potter has been released, purchased and completely read. “Transformers the Movie” is now behind us, and the tie-in toys are mostly already broken. The kids are tired of playing outside, in the dirt pile and in their tree-fort. The heat is no longer warm and welcome on our faces, but now irratating and tiring and grump-inducing.

Thirty-eight days ’till school starts. *sigh*

What am I going to do with them for the rest of the summer? Birthdays, grandparents visiting, and even the county fair are all due after school starts. The long, long days of August stretch out before us in a hot, tiring yawn. I feel helpless, short on patience and even shorter on ideas to get us all through happy and intact.

Currently, they’ve pulled the cusions off the living room couch and are taking videos of each other with my cell phone. If I send them out back to play this time of day, their little red-head skin will look like a chalupa in a matter minutes. Even with spf 60 slathered all over them.

My allergies are manic and sneezing fits irritate the crap out of me. Not the least of which because I never know when a sneeze is going to be just too much for my poor birthed-three-children bladder.

Today, out of desperation, I have a babysitter coming over so I can get out alone. I think they may be looking forward to her more than I am. There is nothing really pressing I need to do- besides be alone. Sweet, delicious alone-ness.

Thirty-eight days. Thirty eight days thirtyeightdays thirtyeightdaysthirty…

9 thoughts on “Summer Doldrums

  1. See? You need to move here!!! Year-round school, baby! My kids have been in school for 3 weeks. And the heat isn’t really all that bad.

  2. My girls always love trips to the library. Of course they’re 4 and 2.
    The books will keep them occupied even if I can’t read to them and they like to choose a video if their are any worthy ones that I let them choose from.

  3. I understand, totally! We just got back from vacation and now there’s nothing “big” to look forward to for a while.


    Make popcicles. Have a picnic. Find a pool. Go to a lake. Start a summer journal/picture book. Have friends over to run in the sprinklers. Go to a museum. Get free samples at Costco. Look at, it seems they always have good ideas.

    I like your idea of getting a babysitter to have a little alone time during the day.

  4. 22 days, and counting till monster #1 goes back to school, all day long!!!!
    This has been a hard summer for us in a lot of ways. Last summer we had a totally finished back yard with an awesome play structure for the monsters to climb all over, and we had a planned activies every week.

    This summer we have a backyard of dirt that has slowly been over come by weeds that are so bad we got a letter from the city today giving us 10 days to get them gone or we are in trouble, Oops! We don’t have the weekly activities planned, no friends that I feel comfortale swaping kids with and no one to call at the last minute for a trip to Artic Circle for lunch to let the monsters run like crazy for an hour or 2 while we visit about life.

    We have discovered the library here and that has helped. And the local theater does free movies to mornings a week, which has been fun sort of.

    Sorry don’t have any great ideas for you, but good luck, I feel for you.

  5. oh just thought of something that usually gives me at least an hour or 2 of semi-quiet. I cut of a couple of feet of butcher paper for each monster and tape it to the wall or floor and then give the kids crayons or paint or markers, what every you are comfortable with and let them do their “artwork” on the paper. If I can find the foam cut outs that are sticky on the back for sale, I’ll let them use them on the butcher paper to make designs, they love that one.

  6. I hear ya…August is looming like a giant ticking clock in these parts. Add to that our countdown to baby #5 (due after school starts), and we’ve all got a few ants in our pants.

    Good luck to you and your gang!

  7. Or are there any cheap day camps that your town sponsors? A chance for them to meet some kids that aren’t going to be in their class at school and a win-win for everybody. Then of course there is the issue of cost…

    Who are we kidding. Just lock your door, give them some hammers and everyone will be happy.

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