What’s In a Name?

Beanie changes his name almost daily. Today it is Gatorayvah- and he is a girl who wears a yellow ribbon in his/her hair. *sigh* That child’s imagiation…

Addendum: Here’s yet another connundrum with Beanie- give me your opinion?

8 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Very creative! I can’t even get my little gal to give her toys names. They are “doll”, “cat”, “dog”, “pig”… you get the idea…

  2. my dd goes back and forth with what she wants to be called. Sometimes it’s her first name sometimes it’s her middle name. Oh and she has 2 bears, one is white baby (white bear) the other is brown baby (brown bear) and the rest of her animals are either called by what they are puppy, bunny, etc or they are simply called animals. Then there are her imaginary friends that she calls her “kids” they go everywhere with her, and do all sorts of things that she isn’t allowed to do.
    My ds on the other hand has very ineresting names for his many stuffed animals that he must sleep with every night. His first bear that we gave him is pooh bear, his tye-dyed bear is Fred, his seal lion is AW (archibald walter) his puppy is simply puppy, his duck is quack-quack, his moo cow is called clarise, and I think that’s it for the named ones, he has more animals that he sleeps with but I don’t think that he has named them.
    Oh and ds also goes back and forth as to what he wants to be called. sometimes by his intials (my MIL calls him by his intials) sometimes he wants to be called by his middle name, but mostly he wants to be called by his first name. Funny thing though, we named him after my DH and we call him little ___ a lot, and now his little sister calls him little ___ too, which he hates.

  3. I say LET HIM LET HIM LET HIM. (nail polish)
    I have 4 daughters and only one son and he always wanted to do what the girls did. But I only allowed colored polish on toes for all kids under 12 so it was fine. No one saw his toes at church, and who cares at home.
    By the time he hit about 8 or 9, he wouldn’t be caught dead in the stuff.
    I say let them get it out of their systems. Eventually testosterone takes over and they would die before having any “Girlie” stuff near their bodies.
    At least that’s my experience.

  4. Meh. No big deal about the paint. I painted Justin’s fingers when he was little. A few times, actually. But since I NEVER paint mine, he only had the choices of clear or, well, just clear. And now? I don’t think I even own clear!

  5. I say, if he’s old enough to ask for it, he’s old enough to enjoy it. Once he is old enough to know the difference between what boys do and what girls do, then he will be old enough to understand the difference between genders. Until then, let the creative artist in his enjoy this colorful experience.

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