Garage Sale Take

It might very well be becomming an obsession- and Jeffrey is totally in on it. We went out garage sale-ing again this week, and here is what we got:

  • Two wooden cap-guns, old pirate style. $1 for both.
  • A bucket of 12 Lego Bionicle- two still in the boxes. $10.
  • An antique apothecary jar, 14″ tall for me. 25 cents.
  • A small corner shelf, solid mahogany, for the bathroom. $3.
  • Antique doll cradle, solid wood with turned spindles. $3.
  • An embroidered pillow case and sheets for Abby. $1.
  • Two pair of J.Jill jeans/linen pants for me. $3 each.
  • An antique H Co. turquoise bowl, small crack, but still beautiful. 25 cents.
  • A 48″ tall bookshelf for the upstairs nook- needs paint,  solid wood. $5.
  • Two retro school desks, with the table attached to wooden chairs. Sturdy and with no carving on the desks.  $6 each.
  • Three tier cupcake holder/server. Way cool. 25 cents.

I love this! It’s like a treasure hunt- and you may have to dig through some boxes of junk, but wow, can you find some neat, retro and well-made stuff. And on a budget, too! If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend it- Just drive down the main street in your town and look for signs to follow!

7 thoughts on “Garage Sale Take

  1. When I was a kid my parents took us garage-saling all the time. Flea market too. I still love walking around looking at piles of junk. There’s a swap meet down the street from me and I haven’t been in a few weeks…dying to get back to it. I don’t even usually buy anything (I go to look for old cameras), but I love walking around with piles of garbage all around. And that’s mostly what it is—garbage. Maybe next time I’ll take some pictures.

  2. I know- there is a lot of trash. You know, I ran across an old camera the other day that I almost picked up for you, Susan!- but when I looked at it carefully it was broken. Figured you don’t need a broken camera…

  3. You’re awesome, Tracy. You do have to be careful about old cameras—I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve got a couple you can’t get film for!

  4. HOW do you find good stuff? It seems I can spend an entire afternoon and not find a thing, and then stop by on a whim and score…strange beast the garage sale…

  5. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down… they don’t do many garage sales down here during the summer. It’s just too hot… fall, winter and spring are totally different stories! You should post pictures of your finds! I would love to see them!

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