Royal c. 1935

ro_port_quiet_delux_m.jpgro_port_quiet_delux_m.jpgRemember a few weeks ago when I said I found a cool antique typewriter for $3.00 at a garage sale? Well, I cleaned it up, and found the markings on the back. It’s in pristine condition, and according to this web-site, it’s a 1935 Royal Standard Portable with Touch Control, and I could buy a matching one for my kids to play with for $395.00 (!)

Not that I need another one or anything. But, still… cool, eh?

Oh, and p.s.- the Kool-Ade incident from yesterday? Yeah, what I didn’t notice at the time was that the vile red stuff had staturated my scriptures. The pages are pink, sticky and water-wavy now. Dang it. These were just broken in and marked and worn perfectly. Five+ years and now I have to start over.  Not cool, eh?

Anyone want a cute, dangerous, curious, agrivating, loving, imaginative, psycho, whiny, giggley, smarty-pants almost-four year old?

9 thoughts on “Royal c. 1935

  1. Wow on the typewriter.

    Ewww and grrr on the sticky scriptures

    and I’m assuming you’ll feel like keeping your kid by the time he’s asleep again, so I won’t take you up on the offer.

  2. What an incredible find!

    I have my own two year old sweet terror to deal with … his new trick has been taking off his messy diaper in his crib in the morning and then playing with the brown gunk. Gross, I know!

  3. AOM- Abby pulled a little brown nugget from the back of her diaper just yesterday afternoon. “Oh, hey, what’s this stuff??” I can hear her thinking. Lovely.

  4. The typewriter is really cool! I’d sell it! lol 🙂
    It’s never fun to start over with new scriptures. I need a new set but just can’t bring myself to do it…

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