Garage Sale Haul Today!

Jeff and I went out this morning, and while I didn’t score any major antiques, we did get some cool stuff:

  • Vintage ironing board with cover and original turquoise paint, way cooler and stronger than current board- guy said it was his grandmothers- $5
  • Limited, numbered edition WDP collectors plate in the original box, for my mom for Christmas. $3 ($65 on e-Bay; I win!)
  • Vintage Fisher Price farm silo and animals that go with- $1
  • Vintage jell-o mold- 50 cents
  • Vintage metal spinning top with wooden handle- 25 cents
  • Vintage Fisher Price dump and load dump truck trio- the kids are having a ball with it- $1
  • Barbie roller skates- Bean is currently wearing them- $1
  • Vintage tin coaster with cute red and blue flowers- 50 cents
  • Bag of antique wooden thread spools. $1
  • Two complete quilt patterns from Thimbleberries- 75 cents
  • A big wheel pedal bike for Beanie- $1
  • A cap gun for Jeffrey- 25 cents
  • A Begian waffle iron- 50 cents
  • Six pairs of winter jammies for Abby, almost new, 50 cents each
  • 3 new chuch skirts for me- $1 each
  • An oval silver platter, very old, with feet- 50 cents
  • Two sets of mini molds for pudding or jello- vintage- $1
  • Three vintage bread baking pans- 50 cents
  • A first edition hardbound Knopf copy of Julia Child- Art of French Cooking. $1

So what’s that make my total? Umm…. $25.75. Yeah. I like garage sales.

8 thoughts on “Garage Sale Haul Today!

  1. Awesome! You certainly come away from your yard sales with so many treasures! How do you find these yard sales? Do you just happen to come across them, or do you look for ads in the paper or what?

  2. Seriously, I just drive around looking for signs. I never check the paper, or even Craigslist- just look for signs and follow the arrows. There are a few church sales in the summer that I look forward to each year; church sales are almost always fabulous. But by and large, I just look for signs.

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