Garage Sale Motherlode!

Nevermind what a mess my garage is… LOOK at that sewing machine!! It’s a 1910 Singer, completely intact treadle WORKING sewing machine!! It even has all it’s bobbins and shuttles. The leather pulley for the treadle is intact, for heaven’s sake!! I’m giddy. I’ve wanted one of these since I was a girl. It needs a little care, and some refinishing of the cabinet, but otherwise is absolutley, totally, completely perfect. What would you pay for something like this? I don’t know what e-Bay says, but I’m willing to bet it’s more than $40. Yup. Forty. Dollars. GIDDY!

Also to be had today:

  • handmade oak circus animal train. $5
  • vintage food mill with red wooden handles, $2
  • depression glass bowls, 50 cents each
  • hobnail white fluted plate, free
  • depression glass candy dish 25 cents
  • a zip-lock bag full of antique documents, including five warrants for a Mr J. Pillit for “disturbing the peace at a religious gathering” on Jan. 20, 1874. His fine was $5.10, which I imagine was quite a sum at the time! There is also a marriage license from October 3, 1910 for Frank Pratt and Jeanie McAdow. October 3 is my birthday. $2
  • A depression glass citrus juicer, 25 cents

6 thoughts on “Garage Sale Motherlode!

  1. Nice haul!

    My grandma had a sewing machine just like that. My uncles have it now. (They lived with her until she died and still live in her house.)

  2. I can’t even tell you how much I am envying that sewing machine. Someday I will have a designing/sewing room and a place to put something like that – then I will actually have to find it.

  3. Wow, I am sighing.
    I too wish I lived somewhere with enough space to accumulate some treasures.
    Or for that matter, some spare change to spend on them.

    I totally heart depression and milk glass

  4. Me too, Em! And even with the bigger house, I am quickly reaching the point where I will have to curtail my “good buys” to things I absolutely treasure. No matter what, though, I would have bought that sewing machine. Can you BELIEVE how cool it is?? I’m still giddy.

  5. This looks just like the old sewing machine that my mom has. I think that it was her mother’s but I am not sure. I am impressed that you found that at a yard sale! I have never been to a yard sale where there was anything like this. The one I was at yesterday wanted $50 for a Cozy Coupe car. Aren’t they like $35 new? Congrats!

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