Speaking of Michael Jordan

Yeah, so, um. Baseball didn’t work out so well for me, either.

Here are some excerpts of e-mails that flew back and forth this week:

  • Watching my blog die is killing me. I want to post so badly- and I don’t know what to do! My little graph of my stats (which I never care all that much about) is declining and declining- and it’s like watching something die. Slowly. Slowly… the graph is like a heart monitor in a hospital, and soon it will flatline.
  • As I go back and re-read some of the posts of the last two years, I realize a big part of my life and my kids lives are documented- and that is really neat. There are memories I would not recall if I hadn’t written about them- and I’m wondering now at the wisdom of giving that up. Ugh.
  • Would it be totally lame if I started posting again? Should I start a different blog under another name? It really feels like a kid to me, and as stupid as this sounds, I don’t want it to die!
  • I “killed” my blog for three weeks last month and finally swooped it back up into my arms and have been nursing it back to health.  In the end, I said “screw them” and began writing again.  My stats are still pathetic though but it’s not about that – it’s like you said, it’s documentation of a beautiful life that vanishes all too quickly from memory when we go to sleep each night.  It’s validation for the mundane, repetitive things we do every day and when I stopped writing about them they did in fact seem mundane rather than chances to look into them for writing fodder and heartwarming conclusions. 
  •  Girl, you need that blog.  Open up shop, we’ll all be glad you did.  If your main concern is just not looking silly after saying it was closed then that’s not a good enough reason for me. 
  • OK, I say you keep blogging. Purely because I’m selfish and I like your posts. Too bad you already said you weren’t pulling a Michael Jordan- maybe you could put a picture of him up or something.

Done and done. The truth is, I’m flakey. Acutally, my husband calls it “a slave to whimsy”, as I think I’ve said before. I like that one better.  Last week, shutting down seemed like a fabulous idea. I can write all I want, and not blog. But the truth is also this: being a stay-at-home mom can be very isolating. Sharing my experiences makes it not so.  A blank piece of paper in my journal doesn’t talk back to me- at least when I’ve had enough sleep.

So the Esty store is still on. Telling tales about my kids’ crazy exploits is back, and I hang my head and beg forgiveness for, well, for being me.

I’ve already missed a week of recorded memories. I wish you all could have seen what Abby did with ONE blue M&M in Home Depot. Seriously, she looked like she got hold of a can of blue spray paint. Melts in your mouth, my @ss!

34 thoughts on “Speaking of Michael Jordan

  1. YAY! I know I don’t comment too often, but I read you daily. And fwiw, I kept coming back, forgetting you had “stopped”. So glad you’ve decided not to!

  2. heh hehe hhehehehehehehehehe

    The addiction is too much. We all need to start a 12 step program or something. Not that I have a problem or anything…..

  3. Well lucky for you all of us fellow bloggers understand your reasoning perfectly.
    It just seems to fill that little lonely mommy niche so well.
    I’ve now got my happy face on.

  4. Susan was my first blog friend ever. I heart Susan M.

    Yuck it up, Wizzy, I deserve it.

    Em- I missed you too much! I have a good mail box coming your way…

    Monique- welcome, I hope to hear from your more now that you’ve de-lurked.

  5. So glad to have you back on board 🙂 !!

    My stats have been starting to flatline lately because this summer has been so busy. However, one school starts up again I hope to get back in the swing of things.

  6. I’ve rarely (if ever) commented here, but I’ve followed your blog for two years and just had to say how glad I am you’re back. I always appreciate your perspective and wit.

  7. One of the coolest things is all you lurkers who haven’t ever commented before! I appreciate you making your voice known and for your support. I’m happy to be back. I need this outlet.

    Glitter- Loving the chair dance! I just linked you- anyone else want a link, give a holler.

    mhuff- hope to hear more from you, and Allanna too.

    AOM- summer does that, doesn’t it?

  8. YAY! I was so sad to see it go… Just between you and me and all of the other people that read this comment, you’re my very favorite blogger.

  9. I’m so glad that you are back. I too kept checking in, crossing my fingers that you’d post again, thanks for coming back.

  10. Becky, I just added your link, too. I’m trying to see 150 for the first time in, oh a decade (!) too- so I like your blog. Anyone else want a link? I’m giving them away today- free!

  11. Phew! I thought you were really gone, for reals.
    Ok. That’s better.
    You’ve always been on my blogroll since the day I found you… and was having a hard time thinking you were done and I’d have to take you off. *sigh* :0)
    ::unclicks ‘delete Dandelion Mama’ box, just in the nick of time::

  12. I tried retiring from blogging to give me more time for writing, but I missed it too much. I called it a “hiatus,” though–I knew I’d be back, and so did everyone else. 🙂 I think I lasted all of three weeks.

    I’ve never commented before, but I love reading your blog, so I’m glad you are keeping it alive. Yay for flaky!

  13. I am also glag that you are back. I use to br a lurker, but then one day decided to start commenting. To me, your blog is more than just a mommy blog (at the time I started really reading kids seamed like an impossible thing). I like how you not only involve your kids, but your hobbies, and creations, things about ordinary- or not so ordinary, things that happen in your life, and all of the thoughts that run around in your head, like what makes you feel calm, or what some of your favorite things are. Welcome back, and don’t feel silly for saying your going to call it quits and then coming back!

  14. YAY!! You’re back. At least you warn people before you take an extended leave of absence. I’m don’t even do that. 🙂 But you kind of have to go with the ebb and flow of the writing, and sometimes it just ain’t comin’ together right, if ya know what I mean.

    Anyway, I’m glad you decided to keep posting.

  15. Another lurker coming out… Told you thanks before you left; now telling you thanks for coming back!

    Your e-mail friend gives very wise advise. I’d listen to her in the future, if I were you!

    I look forward to reading more.

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I accidentally clicked on the vacant dadelion mama link on my favorites bar AND THERE WERE MORE POSTS!!! I’m so excited. Weclome back. You’ve been missed.

  17. I just clicked here, hoping that something had changed your mind, and WOO-HOO! I’m glad you are going to post again. And if a woman can’t change her mind, well, what’s the point???

  18. First I delete your link because you swore you were done…then I had to go back and ADD a link because you changed you mind…Some people, I swear……

    btw, it’s just the chocolate that melts in your mouth, they make no claims about the candy shell

  19. I feel so dumb being late to this welcome back party, Tracy! I just read all the comments to this post and am glowing for you! What more validation do you need to blog? The unveiling of lurkers is always a hallowed experience and you’ve got a year’s worth here! And yes, the internet needs you. I’m glad you’ve come to your senses 🙂

    Man I feel stupid for not finding this post sooner…

  20. Hi DM, and glad your back, although honestly, didn’t know you had left… Anyway, your blog is priceless, I have been smiling all the way through it, thanks!

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