Yesterday morning, Jeffrey, three days shy of turning six, got on his big-boy bike and pedalled off down the street. Now, maybe I’m remembering wrong, but it seemed my own learning-to-ride experience was frought with danger, skinned knees, lots of tears and terror. Then again, maybe I’m just a dork who couldn’t figure out how to “become one” with my two-wheeled conveyance of death. Er, bicycle.

Not my oldest. Nope. He just got on, and tore off. Never even fell- well except when he wanted to stop. Stopping involved not gently pushing back on the pedals, but rather ramming into whatever stationary object was convenient. Knocked the wind out of himself three times.

Earlier I overheard him explaining to Beanie “Bean, the faster you go, the easier it is!”- yeah, that’s just what I need. Go faster, Beanie. I’m looking for a program to make the car to drive itself to the ER. The next few years are going to be, er, chaotic.

Then, in the afternoon, while snacking on crackers, Jeffrey lost yet another tooth. That makes six now- he looks like a Jack-o-lantern- or like he needs a corncob pipe, a trailer, a sofa on the porch and coon dog.  Running in from the backyard, he eagerly held out little tooth number 6, proudly grinning a bloody smile sprinkled with Triscuit bits. These are the moments that the books never tell you about.

So this morning, he comes in my room, tears running down his face- the Tooth Fairy FORGOT him last night. Again! Yes, it’s happened one other time.What kind of evil sprite would forget a boys treasured offering?? She must be really, really tired at night to forget something so important. I can’t imagine how she must feel.

We decided she must be on vacation in Maui- and then headed off to the dentist. Yes, both boys had to go in for cavities this morning. Hook their little noses up the to nitrous line, and watch the giggling happiness take hold. Jeffrey picked “Surf Blue” for his filling, and Beanie picked “Glitter”- Jeff already has a glitter tooth from last time, so we’re mixing it up a little.

When we got home, while the boys were outside playing, the Tooth Fairy magically came! She pilferred Beanie’s piggy bank to do so, but hey, at least she came. I know I’m going to hell for this one…

12 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Once the tooth fairy left my son’s money in my pocket… he agreed that it was a strange thing for her to do, but he accepted it nonetheless. See you in hell. Maybe we can be roomies.

  2. Um, yeah. My kids are aware of tooth fairies and their cluelessness. They are also aware as to why….

    My niece actually got more money from the tooth fairy if she was late. It made her very happy if she got to wait days for the fairy to pay up.

  3. Our tooth fairy leaves the money in a little glass dish next to our son’s bed, which he leaves out for her. And when he askes why he found his tooth in mommies bathroom a few days later I explained that mommy leaves money out for the tooth fairy so I can “buy” the tooth back to I can save it. Hey he believed it.
    We also have the pumpkin fairy. She comes the night before halloween and takes the pumpkins back to the pumpkin patch to their families. (trying to avoid having my son find his pumpkin smashed the next morning) Though he has been asking if we could leave a note for the pumpkin fairy this year so she won’t take our pumpkin until after halloween.

  4. I am sooooooo glad you’ve decided to keep on keeping on! Yay. Those little red heads do rock! I know for a fact that sometimes the tooth fairy’s gift slips down the side of the bed while little boys and girls are sleeping! You just have to know where to look. 😉

  5. Our pumkin fairy comes halloween night and leaves new pjs for winter and whisks away all of the candy! The boys love new pj’s and they get to keep 10 pieces of candy. They really don’t miss all the candy they get! It’s great!

    Thanks for coming back…I like to know whats going on with the red heads! D has yet to lose a tooth.

  6. I’m glad to know our house isn’t the only one the tooth fairy “forgets”. And not just once or twice, either….One time I had forgotten repeatedly and finally the “shower fairy” came. That is one who comes while the kid is in the shower. How else was it going to happen?!

  7. I’m so happy you’re still here, too! Also, your new banner is fantastic! Simple and lovely! The tooth fairy was late for me a few times while I was growing up. I don’t think it was too terribly *twitch* damaging *twitch, twitch*.

  8. I just thought I would come in and see if it was really true you were gone! I am so glad it was a nightmare. Blogging is not a have to thing, it is an I want to thing, and the beauty of it is you can do it when you want. I don’t have many visitors to my site, but it is my place none the less. Now I can come here and get a good smile! Thanks for all you do!

  9. The tooth fairy used to forget our house ALL THE TIME until I printed out and made up a little Tooth Fairy Gazebo that I found at Instead of putting teeth under pillows we now put the tooth on a little bed of cotton in the “gazebo” and put it at the child’s place on the dining table. The tooth fairy NEVER forgets anymore. It’s amazing!

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