Sign of the Times

My husband just called me from the airport. He’s on his way home from a business trip, and stopped in the airport gift shop and picked up a snowglobe from that city for each of the boys, then headed to his gate.

Going through the security checkpoint, they confiscated both snowglobes. They have liquid, don’t you know, sir?

He bought them IN THE TERMINAL at the AIRPORT.  I am so stinkin’ mad, I’ve got steam blowing out my ears. What a circus. What a scam.

The kids are each getting a nice, glossy postcard.

12 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. I get nervous every time I go through one of those security check points as if I have something to hide. I probably look shifty. And the thing that I hate the most is that every one of those security guards has different points of view. Have you noticed that there are now full service post offices in airports? I don’t know if I am mad about it though, with all the technology today, who knows what could cause what to happen?

  2. Can’t he show the receipt of where it was bought and it was that day? If he had checked it would that have worked?
    Maybe you have to buy your souvenirs and then mail them.

    That’s why they have post offices in the airports.

  3. At least your kids can color on the back of the postcards.

    I carefully packed away every known liquid, and blatently forgot about the very expensive Neutrogena sunscreen hanging out in my open bakcpack pocket. That stuff costs at least 20 bucks. (sigh)

  4. Yeah, when my son flew awhile back we got a bottled water inside the secure part of the airport and he couldn’t take it on.

    Security really seems backwards to me.

  5. Oh…. that’s SO not cool. I would be severely ticked off too. And you can’t even point the finger for that one to anyone in particular. The airline? The security? The shop that sold it? Grr!

  6. oh man. Shame on the giftshop owners…. and shame on the airport for not setting a standard with giftshop owners…
    Either they should have a disclaimer in their store, or on their bags or receipt saying “IF you buy any item with liquid more than xx ounces, you will not be able to take it on the plane with you.”

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