Eight Years and Counting

tiffany.jpg Normally, I couldn’t care less what brand anything is; as long as it’s quality and hopefully not made by children in China, I’m good. Usually. Not today.

I’ve waited 20+ years to get one of these on my pillow, since I was a girl and first saw Audrey staring in that window with those divine sunglasses on…  DH came home from work and called me upstairs. Wrapped in tissue was the unmistakable blue box, tied, just like in the movies, with the requisite thick satin ribon. It’s actually prettier than in the picture- almost luscious. My heart quickened, and I just sat looking at it for a few minutes. No rushing this moment, thank you very much!

I took a picture of it sitting daintily on my pillow.

The ribbon is even tied in a special way, to make it extra pretty- inside was a suede buttoned envelope, dyed the same inimitable blue with the Tiffany logo embossed in the leather. There was thick cotton-paper card with a serial number and verification that this is, in fact, a genuine piece of Tiffany jewelry.

Other than the fact it was a necklace, I won’t tell anything more about what was in the treasure box. I don’t hold too many cards close to the chest, but some things a woman has to keep to herself. But just opening it was such a fantastic thrill. Every girl needs to get a box from Tiffany at least once in her life…

Happy Anniversary Honey. I love it, and I love you. I love that you know how much I wanted something so silly, and you indulged that silliness anyway. I love that you know me better than I know myself, and that you love me anyway. I love that I have learned what love really looks like from you. To infinity, and beyond.

10 thoughts on “Eight Years and Counting

  1. The blue box…Oh yes, the joy 🙂 My only blue box came from my aunt and uncle on my first Christmas as a married woman. A beautiful crystal Christmas Tree ornament. It is the only ornament I keep in the bag and box that I will never get rid of. It is truly a treasure.

    As for the eight wonderful years of marriage…Congratulations! So much goes into a marriage. And a good marriage even more. Having been there when the vows were exchanged between the two of you, I know that not only a good marriage was made that day, but one of true love. A love that is not flawless, as no one’s is, but unconditional which is the most important. Much love for you both on this day!

  2. Dude, the only thing from Tiffanys I ever got was a key ring from Lancome that they gave to all of their employees. I’m not complaining, but your certainly has more sentimental value! Happy anniversary you two!!!
    P.S. I can’t wait to see it!!*squeals like a little girl*

  3. A blue authentic box once in a lifetime … I will need to make sure my husband reads this post.

    Happy Anniversary! (Next year we celebrate our 10th year … maybe a blue box year?)

  4. Send me a pic? I understand if you don’t, though, some things are private. I’m just REAALLLLYY curious.

    I got a decorative plate from Tiffany’s for my wedding. Unfortunately, it’s in a really bad green, and is very strange looking, so I don’t want to display it. But I have the box!!!! (maybe I should sell the box on ebay….)

    Congrats. Sounds like a lovely anniversary.

  5. Wizzy- people really DO sell the boxes on eBay, can you beleive that??! Man, if my DH put a piece of Target bling in a Tiffany box, he would be so far up the creek!!

  6. Congratulations Tracy! I was a lot more than 8 years before I got anything from Tiffany’s — and I had to drag him to the store and point to it before hand…. but my DH finally got me the coveted blue box with a lovely necklace inside for valentines day. On the outside of the box, on the typing paper he wrapped it in, (being the romantic that he is), he wrote in red sharpie. You can guess that it bled through and the box has marker all over it. I cried, “the blue box! My Tiffany’s box!!” He just totally didn’t understand!

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