Random Midnight Thoughts

It’s the middle of the night. Well, almost. It’s 12:58, but I’ve always thought of between 2-3 a.m. as the real middle of the night. All my babies are fast asleep, there is no good reason to be up- and when the alarm goes off for morning carpool, I will be positively ugly.

Earlier I had a booming headache, and made the mistake of taking two Excedrin Migrane pills. Yeah, for someone with no tollerance to caffeine, those babies buzz you out. It’s hours later, and I still can’t even begin to fall asleep.

The boys helped me make dinner tonight. We had spaghetti and foccacia bread. Beanie was in charge of salting the water, pouring the noodles into the water, occasionally stiring the pot (with mom’s help) and watching the timer. Jeffrey was in charge of the sauce; he opened the cans of tomatoes (can openers are fun!), measuring the spices into the pot, and stirring while it heated. I made the foccacia.

I’m on the hunt for new light fixture for the outside of the house, and for the kitchen. There are eight lights on the outside of the house- can you believe that? Means I have to keep the cost of each fixture reasonable, or else sell an organ. The kitchen also need a new fixture, but I can’t find anything I like. What says “farmhouse kitchen”? I have already replaced the chandelier in the dining room, and the lights in the hallway and laundry room. Got some old schoolhouse fixtures, and they look vintage and awesome.

Yes, I wired them by myself. It’s not hard, and I don’t have the patience to wait for DH to get home. I want it done, and I want it done now. So I learned how. As long as the power is off, you really can’t hurt yourself- so I’m careful and so far, so good. Seven lights replaced in this house. About 15 more to go. Oh well!

The weather is turning cooler, finally. The wind is whipping around the giant trees we have in the backyard, and I suspect we will have a few feet of leaves by the end of the week. I love fall. I actaully dug a robe from the back of my closet to come down and write (thanks Heather O.!). And I put socks on for the first time tonight. Soon it will be time to go apple picking and pumpkin hunting!

Beanie will be 4 tomorrow. Well, I guess it’s today now. He wasn’t born until evening, anyway. He told me tonight he doesn’t want me to bake a cake, he wants to go to the store and buy one. Okie dokey dude, less work for mama, and a happy Bean is a good thing. He is birthday boy at school on Tuesday, and we’re taking cupcakes and he gets to wear a crown. He’s thrilled.

Abby finally has enough hair for little pig-tails. She looked so cute tonight with two whale-spouts coming from the top of her head and spaghetti mess all over her body.

The boys had their first soccer game this weekend. I was a little surprised at the outcome. Beanie wasn’t all that interested- he got in the game and when a boy immediately kicked the ball from him, he fell on the ground and burst into tears. He spent most of the next quarter on my lap, crying. For the second half, he managed to pull it together and get in the game, and he seemed pleased with himself. Mission accomplished.

Jeffrey was a surprise too. I half expected him to poop out and not want to play, but he was insanely into the game. At this level, we don’t even keep score, but boy, Jeffrey was keeping score, and he was ticked that the other team had more points. He as red-faced and heated and super-competitive. Hmmm. Ok then, now we just have to direct that drive in a good way. He can’t wait for next Saturday, when I claims he will score 100 goals. I told him a “good” soccer game can end in a 0-0 tie- yeah, doesn’t make much sense to this baseball girl, either.

This week I received a really nice size order for some quilt designs. That’s a bonus, and I’m happy to be in a show this fall. Enough about that.

I’ve decided to re-upholster (is that how you spell that??)  my couch in old-school mattress ticking. That ought to be kid-resistent, eh?

Enough mindless blather. Off to bed.

11 thoughts on “Random Midnight Thoughts

  1. That sounds exactly like my brain racing in the middle of the night after an excedrin OD.
    At least it’s racing with mostly happy thoughts.
    Good luck with a sleep-deprived day!

  2. I admire your being able to wire light fixtures. I might have to learn to do that someday when I can actually replace mine. 🙂

    Hey, I still need a noun.

  3. Okay, one day I want to be able to put in an order for one of your quilts. I break out in hives at the mere thought of any sort of crafting that involves a needle, material and thread . I learned early on the duct tape truly is my friend.

    Such a sweet update. Hope today goes well.

  4. We’ve used the pick your own fruit site that JS mentioned too. It’s a fantastic resource! I am hoping to go and get apples sometime … maybe… I hope… what I REALLY want is cider! Fresh pressed cider is the best!
    I enjoy your midnight meanderings, but I hope you’re able to sleep tonight!

  5. This post is my “speak” I not only understand the ramblings, but the thought process behind them. Ahhhh…the joys of Excedrin Migraine. Made the same mistake the first time I took it and ended up carving off the bottom foot of my Christmas tree with a bread knife because it was beginning to fall. Family came downstairs in the morning to find a majorly passed out mom holding a knife surrounded by pine needles. Good times 🙂

  6. Oooohhhh I saw a couch reupholstered in blue striped matteress ticking….it was GORGEOUS! How fun!
    Seems primitive lighting is so expensive these days…I am addicted to perusing the sites online that carry those awesome vintage/primitive/farmhouse light fixtures.

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