Happy Birthday Beanie

Dearest Beanie-

While you liked being the birthday boy yesterday, you weren’t so crazy about the phone ringing and people singing to you all day. You would run and hide, when the phone was for you. That’s ok, sweet boy.

It’s been four years since you popped into this world, screaming your head off, before you were even all the way out of my body. You still are a powerhouse of emotions and willpower. You amaze me daily.

When we talked about if you wanted a cake or cupcakes, you told me you wanted to go to the store and buy a cake- I think you might have been imagining a fantastic Nemo cake or some other confection, but when we got to the store, you picked the biggest, chocolately-est cake they had, and asked for your name to be iced on in blue frosting.

For your birthday dinner, you picked Tacos, and asked two friends to join us. The funny thing is, you won’t even eat tacos, but you wanted them- everyone at the table had overflowing tortillas, and you had a plate of Ritz crackers with peanut butter. That’s your go-to meal these days- breakfast, lunch and dinner, most of the time.

Today you have pre-school, and you get to be the birthday boy- that means you get a crown and get to provide the snack. You love to be a helper, so you’re really excited about taking the Snack Swan and divying up the treats we bought.

When it’s time to leave for school this morning, you’ll put on your Transformers backback that’s as big as you are, your green “bug” Vans, most likely your orange “pretty pants” (that’s what you call them)- grab your bag of cookies, and march off into the wild blue yonder.

Baby boy, I’m proud to be your mama. I pray that we can always meet you halfway on your journey- because you are defninatley on a journey- and that you will carry in your heart how very much I love you.

Love, Mama

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beanie

  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it..how much personality they come with, and how even though nobody knows them better than you do, they still surprise you all the time?

  2. What a great remembrance. I love that you are not stressing over their food intakes. So many people worry that their kids aren’t eating correctly. I always tell them, give it time, they’ll eat when they’re good and ready.

  3. I just love your birthday tribute to your son. I have a 4 yo daughter and your post inspires me to write down the wonderful things she does, the simple things that really tug your heart. Now I’m getting teary…geez, I am oozing with Momma love right now! (It must be because she just fell asleep!)

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