Mama Gross Out Moment of the Day

So Jeffrey got Abby up this morning and brought her into the kitchen where I was making breakfast. She had on her overfull, ready-to-explode-with-pee night diaper still, so I popped it off her and left her standing in just her nightgown while I went upstairs to get a clean diaper and some clothes.

Pamper and clothing in hand, I was half-way down the stairs when the smell hit me. Poop. Very much lots of smell of POOP. Oh Crap, I was only upstairs for, like, maybe two minutes, but…

I peek around the corner into the dining room, and sure enough, there on the floor are two bloppy lumpy little nuggets, and Abby is nowhere to be seen. Oh man. It’s not even 8 o’clock yet. Crap crap crap. Literally.

Abby is off playing in her play area.  The boys are oblivious- thank heavens Abby is going through a “poop-balls” phase, where things are, um, realatively solid and orbital in shape. All I have to do is make sure I found all the “balls”. Anything small on the floor today will be suspect and Lysol-ed.

Good Morning, Mamas. Have a nice day!

11 thoughts on “Mama Gross Out Moment of the Day

  1. *Shudder* Oh how I don’t miss those days….although they do bring a chuckle when they’re grown.

    I had a similar experience once when we were sharing a hotel room with my sister’s family…. I pulled my two kids out of the tub, the younger of the two at the time was about 18 months. I wrapped them in their towels and headed them out the bathroom door while I did a quick clean up so my sister could bathe her son….. the odor hit me within seconds and when I turned around.. all I could think of was “THANK HEAVENS SHE’S SOLID!”

  2. She was just trying to make sure you were good and awake… and now she can get away with a lot of other things today because nothing will be as bad as the poop… 🙂

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