Two Things

OK, well maybe it’s three. Sorry about ditching the pictures. They were taking up too much room in WP memory. For some reason, my camera saves all my pictures as HUGE files, and I can’t figure out how to change it.

Next: Kids Meal toys suck. Across the board, no exceptions, they suck. Not only are the cheap, China-made landfill fodder, but they never work and always always alwasy lead to tears and wailing from my children. They see a toy, looking bright and shiny in the pictures, their little hearts lust after the shiny-ness, then they open a pale, cardboard immitaion of fun and the crying ensues. I resolve to never buy kids meal again. They are not Happy.Β 

I’m boycotting JoAnn fabrics. At least my local store. They got a wicked new manager- I’ll call her Galinda – and she wouldn’t let my kid use their potty today. All the ladies there know me, and we are always allowed to use thier potty- but not anymore! Today, Galinda had the gall to tell me they didn’t have a restroom, but I could take my ready-to-pee-on-the-floor six year old next door to the Tasty Trough and he could use thier bathroom. I unloaded my full cart right into her arms, and when she asked me if I would like her to hold my things for me to return, I told her she could hold them all day for all I cared, I wouldn’t be returning.

Didn’t hear back yet from the school.

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  1. Two words–Chick-fil-a. They have the greatest toys ever, really. The last couple of times, we got “Jump Start” CDs, which have literally occupied J for hours, and yielded statements like, “Mom, the Gobi Desert is in CHINA, and MARCO POLO had to cross it!”
    and “Echolocation is what brown bats use to find their prey”. Amazing. This week he got a mini kid’s cookbook with great recipes that kids can do themselves. He had been carrying it around all week, asking me to do the recipes. Totally awesome.
    Chick-Fil-A. I’m a fan.

  2. Ooooooh. Like the unloading into her arms. Good job.

    I hae nveer bought a Happy Meal for my kids. Not that I don’t buy McD’s, puh-lease! We just buy a big 10 pc nugget meal and share between the boys. I will need to start buying 2 of them, now that the baby is a pig, but I really don’t go there much anymore… Probably because 2 meals is so much more expensive than 1!!! πŸ™‚ cheeep! Cheeeeep!

  3. My favorite part of JoAnn’s is when there are several of us waiting to have fabric cut, and one employee cuts fabric while two or three others stand there and talk right there at the fabric cutting tables.

  4. Our Joann’s is tiny. And crazy. I live in snowbird country and I love those old ladies, but they like bright weird fabrics. And our Joann’s caters to that. I was there yesterday and just wanted some nice fall colors. Finally found some in the clearance stuff. Love that you handed her the stuff and left! Three cheers for you!!

  5. I personally like Sonic’s toys, most of the time they are great. And my kids love their slushes. And if you go between 2pm and 5pm drinks are half priced!
    Way to stick up for yourself with the manager. What bad customer relations to deny a small child a bathroom. I really liked the JoAnn’s in Orem their store was pretty friendly, but the ones here are hit and miss. The one not far from me is ICKY, but the one in Boise isn’t bad so I make the 30 min drive when I must have new fabric. Though what I really miss is in Portland they had a Fabric Depot and they had a huge selection that I loved.

  6. I have never ever been impressed with Joann’s customer service. I shop there because they have what I need at reasonable prices. But the stores near me are always messy and the people are usually less than helpful. It’s sad that they have that reputation!

    I HAVE YOUR CANNER. I am a flake. I am sorry. It will be in the mail TODAY.

  7. The Joann’s in my home town is good. Nice people work there and it’s clean. The one close to where I live now? Sucks! In all ways! I’d rather drive the extra 1/2 hour to a bigger, cleaner, better one with nicer people than the one that’s close but run down, dirty, and where I have to stand for ages waiting for someone to cut my fabric or check me through. I love that you unloaded your cart into her arms. Witchy lady.

  8. Remember when you used to tell me a story and I gave a zinger and you would say “Yeah, I just don’t think of that at the time” ? Well, you have graduated … I am so proud πŸ˜‰

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  10. I use for my WP pics. If you add your blog address you just have to hit the ‘blog this’ button and it pops them right on there, resizes them and everything.
    Bring your camera tomorrow and I’ll show you how to adjust your settings. Some people’s kids, I swear….

  11. When your little one pees on the floor once, just once I promise they will start following you around offering you the bathroom. heh,heh

    Same thing happens if your little one asks you to take her to the bathroom and you ask her to hold on one second and she then climbs up on the store display toilet and pees.

    Not that I would know about that one personally or anything. Nope. Uh-uh.

    I hope the Witchy One lost a really BIG sale.

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