Weekend Update

Sorry for the slacking. It’s been a long, sick week, but it looks like we’re at the tail-end. Hopefully…

Jeffrey scored his first goal in his soccer game yesterday. He was pleased as punch with himself. Beanie has pretty much quit soccer- he feels like he’s played, and isn’t really interested in being part of a team. He’s pretty young, and I probably should have waited anyway.

My birthday was lovely, thank you all very much for your kind wishes. Once I got over the idea of doing anything for “me” I actually enjoyed the day at home in jammies. Lately, it’s rare to spend a whole day at home.

Uncle Freddy was up for a visit this week- it’s always good to spend time with him, and we had a nice lunch out, sans kiddies.

I’m struggling a little with disappointment- I was scheduled to have some more family visit this October, but it’s all pretty much fallen to the winds. My kids just miss their grandparents terribly.

The plan is for me to travel next weekend. By myself. I don’t want to say that out loud, because of what happened last time I tried this… But that’s the plan anyway. I’m headed to Seattle for a conference I’m scheduled to take part in, and it will be my first night away from my kids. Ever. Keeping fingers crossed.

I love General Conference weekend. Love it. (General Conference is the grand poo-bah of Mormon church meetings- it means we don’t go to church, can stay home all weekend, and watch the broadcast on TV or online, in our jammies.) I just have to say, for anyone who watched Saturday, Elder Wirthlin brought me to tears. Holy cow, talk about perseverance and focus. And seeing Elder Nelson holding him up, while he was talking about the love of Christ buoying us up, was amazing.

Making cinnamon rolls and funeral potatoes for today. Mmmmm mmm mmm.

We are experiencing our second case of someone getting hold of our credit card numbers this year. Grrrrr. Thankfully, we had put a fraud-watch on our names after the last time, so the bank caught it before it was really rung-up. What a nightmare.

Ending on a more positive note, I got a big paper pickle in the mail from my brother for my birthday, a lovely boquet from my husband (who already did right with the Blue box for our anniversary two weeks ago), a fabulous package with beautiful surprises from Emily and tons of well wishes.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I got really excited for a minute and thought you were coming HERE for by yourself. Seattle works too!

    I am also making cinnimon rolls and funeral potatoes. Wicked. I am glad that you got your birthday wishes (mostly). I missed conference yesterday but Tivo’d it so will watch it later. I love conf weekend too.

    Have a good one (glad the sickies are almost gone)

  2. I love conference too. I wonder if I got Conference on an ipod and listened to it every day if I could keep myself in the groove? Hmmm.

  3. Holy Cow, LOVE that you call it the grand poohbah of meetings! lol Cinnamon rolls and funeral potatoes? I am crying right now.

    Conference was awesome. Awesome.

  4. That was the best conference ever! After it was over, the Mormon family across the street came over and took our kids out for a bike ride. We were all by our lonesome…gotta love the Mormons 🙂

  5. Randi, you just call the credit reporting agencies- Experion, and there are two others, too- but if you call one, they will notify all the others.

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