Wanna Make A Bag?

Tomorrow is Super Saturday Craft Day at our church. Only it’s on a Thursday. Am I the only one thinks that’s just weird? Obviously I’m not in charge.

I’m been wrangled to teach three classes. Yes, I know. I know. “No” needs to become a part of my vocabulary. I also have carpool for two of my own and two other kids and I have Abby to contend with. Really, really hoping someone thinks she is just SO cute they have to help me watch her.

I’m teaching ladies how to make handled-bags. Tote bags, grocery bags, scripture bags, diaper bags, whatever you want to use them for, bags. It really is the totally easiest pattern ever, and I’ll post it, if I can figure out how, tomorrow night when I get home.

Did I mention the classes go until 11? Yes. Thats’ p.m. Starts at 9 a.m. My last class starts at 6, so I ought to be home by the kids’ bedtime. At least that’s the plan. It’s gonna be a loooooooong day.

23 thoughts on “Wanna Make A Bag?

  1. No way. Did you offer to teach or did they ask you to teach all those classes? As a former HFPE Coordinator, I’m shocked. Especially since the “Super Saturday” was supposed to not exist anymore under the new rules. (But everyone circumvents that rule, I know) Do they have a nursery set-up?? Best of luck. Show us pictures when you’re done!

  2. Wow. That’s overwhelming and exhausting. And I’m not even going. I can’t wait to see the pattern, though, when you get it posted. I can’t imagine someone not finding Abby absolutely irresistible and playing with her while you do your thing – all. day. long. Good luck!!

  3. Ugh…that is a LOOOOONG day. Although I DO want to learn to make such bags…maybe for taking to the grocery store instead of using al those plastiv bags. But the only thing I’ve ever made are pillows (square) and curtains (rectangle)…how easy are these bags??? 🙂

  4. I am a little jealous I don’t get to take all 3 of your classes, but hello?!? 9 am -11 pm? On a school night? And I am the same age as Julie!

    Didn’t they hear Elder Oak’s remark, “Don’t magnify the work, simplify it.”

    All well, enjoy yourself!

  5. Sorry about your fall. I fell this morning too. It must be the moon.

    Super Saturday. Well, I would LOVE to learn how to make those bags so I would go to that. You are nice to share your talents…. hope the boys are ok. Allergies stink!

  6. Holy Smokes girl! And they talked you into teaching 3 classes? Well, I guess you could take it as a compliment! You’re just the most talented person in the ward! 😉
    Good luck… and yeah… I’d LOVE to make a bag!

  7. Our super Saturday is next Saturday.. I’ve never heard of one being on a Thursday. Odd.

    One thing about having no crafty skills whatsoever is that you don’t get roped into teaching! But I’m sure they are grateful to have you teach them. I would be.

  8. Ours is usually on a tuesday night from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. It kind of makes it hard to get anything done. I haven’t even heard if we’re doing one this year…..and I’m on the committee!

  9. Um, Hello, when I was the Enrichment Leader, our Super Saturdays were 9am-11AM, with lunch served afterwards. 3 classes–1/2 an hour each with handouts from other people for other crafts on tables scattered throughout. Who the heck wants to hang out ALL DAY at church?

    Tracy, you should totally be in charge.

  10. I am SO jealous. Well, not of you, just of everyone who gets to go without wrangling kids. I miss super Saturday. We don’t have them anymore around here. 😦

  11. Home for a break-

    I dont WANNA be in charge!!

    Yeah, we have a bunch of classes
    Mine, on how to make lined tote bags in various sizes
    A class on matting your Proclamation
    Etching your glass casserole dishes
    Making Testimony Gloves for your kids
    Making a Quiet Book for sacrament meetings
    Potting forced Paperwhites in glass dishes for winter
    Making a distressed holiday sign from wooden beams
    Making a framed holdiay mantlepiece that changes w/ the holidays
    Holiday recipes with tasting.
    Making a raspberry English trifle

    Is my ward an overacheiver or what? Not my fault!

  12. “Our” Super Saturday was last Friday night from 6pm-11pm. Never went to one that wasn’t on a Saturday before. Anyhow, what I chose to make was an awesome clock that was crackled and everything personalized with our name and established date. Really cool. And then a glass shadow box that we frosted with leaves and such. Pretty cute. Totally want to know how to do the bags though. When we talk next week, give me a quick run down, would ya?

  13. Yes, you do want to be in charge, because then you could do it all the way you want it to be. And if you say only 2 hours for an activity, well, 2 hours it is!

  14. i came over here on a strong suggestion from glittersmama…
    i can’t believe your super “saturday” classes went till 11pm. that seems really odd for a ward enrichment activity.

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